Iron Works (FOTS)

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Iron Works (FOTS)
File:Blacksmith FOTS.png
Smith Type
Spawned Defence Forces
Basic Building Statistics
  • Cost: 4000
  • +10 to the accuracy of all units recruited in this province
  • +2 to the armour of all units recruited in this province
Clan Effects

[edit] Description

The smith forges many destinies, not just his own.

There are specialist blacksmiths in this province. With the right investment they can specialise in weapons, improving the traditional equipment of the samurai, or creating Japanese versions of modern, foreign weapons. In either case, the troops recruited here will benefit from their efforts.

The skills that made Japanese swords were not always easy to apply to the new machines that openness with the West brought. However, Japanese craftsmen did learn quickly and were soon making "native" modern weapons as good as anything from outside, if not in quite the same quantities.

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