Imperator & Metro Naval

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Imperator & Metro Naval
Rome: Total War: Barbarian Invasion
Mod Type
Classical Era
Mod Leader
LeslaT, Maced0n
Release Status
Imperator II v2.1, Metro Naval v1.9

Imperator mod is a Roman Campaign submod based on Rome Total Realism, intended to make Roman Faction campaign harder featuring name and numbered Legions.

Metro-Naval is the term for the combination of Metropolis Mod and Naval Mods for RTR 6 Gold, upgraded for RTR Platinum Edition.


[edit] Imperator I and II

Imperator was created as a mod with the intention of playing the romans only. It contains 2 separate campaigns and a unique provincial and citizenship system which develops on RTR's auxilia system.

[edit] Special Notes

  • Imperator II was created for the designer and therefore reflects his view of gameplay
  • This mod was never designed to rival any other mods, nor was it done for personal glory, but for personal gameplay satisfaction
  • Imperator II requires Rome Total Realism : Platinum Edition v1.8

[edit] Metropolis & Naval Mod

Metropolis & Naval Mod was created for RTR 6 as a modpack which combined the Metropolis and Naval mods for RTR 6 Gold edition. It has since been updated for RTR PE.

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