Hessen (ETW Faction)

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Hessen (ETW Faction)
Hessen flag.png
Name: Hessen
From Game: Empire: Total War
Religion: Protestant.pngProtestant
Culture: European

Hessen is a protestant emerging minor german state that appears if a Westphalian revolution overthrows its home country. It is unplayable. The main difference between Hessen and Westphalia is that Hessen is protestant and Westphalia is Catholic (the region they are in begins 95% Catholic). Hessen is one of four minor nations that emerges in a region that is initially controlled by an unplayable nation, with the other being Afghanistan (Persia), Norway (Denmark) and Punjab (Mughal Empire).

[edit] Overview

"In-game, Hesse rebels will appear if there is a rebellion or revolution in Westphalia. If the rebels are victorious, the Hesse faction appears."

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