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[edit] Overview

The Graphics Workshop is Total War Center's graphics sub-form which can be found within The Artists' Studio. It includes four seperate sub-forums: The Archives, used for storing posts which have past their deadline; Tutorials and Resources, the hub of all user-created tutorials and internet resources which members can view and use in order to enhance their skills; the Help Section, an area for where those who are unsure on a certain matter can have their queries answered; and Graphic Discussion & Battles were users can discuss graphic-related issues and battle against one another with their self-created work.

Like all other sub-forums, spam, flames, and other breaches of Terms of Service are not tolerated. It is currently moderated by y2day, Maяcel, Giovi and abbews.

[edit] History

The idea of the workshop first arose in November, 2008, when two amateur graphic artists, Guy and Caradog (now known as Desperado), wanted to elevate the art department onto a new level. After discussions with Hex members, the go-ahead was given and a small forum was set-up for the two. This then lead to the creation of a separate public usergroup which later came to be known as the Content Artists.

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