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Gods of Total War were founded in March 2007 by ||GoTW||Loopz & ||GoTW||King-Dog and are largely found on Rome: Total War. They claim to be the strongest and most active clan on Rome Total War. GOTW have been in many tournaments and clan wars.


[edit] Clan Structure

GoTW has 20 ranks

[edit] Beginning Ranks

  • TR
  • RCT.. Recruit I-III
  • SLDR... Soldier I-III
  • CPL.. Corporal I-III
  • SGT.. Seargent I-III
  • CPT.. Captain I-III

[edit] Senior Member Ranks

  • MA.. Marshall
  • COL.. Colonel
  • COM.. Commander

[edit] Senate

  • SEN

[edit] Current Members

[edit] Active Members

[edit] Inactive Members

[edit] Ex Members

[edit] Clanwar History

[edit] Most Recent

  • HGoTW war

GoTW, SoR Vs. Hell, AoE, TaoW, Wolves, OTD, WoT, Nord

  • BG War

GoTW, SoR Vs, Hell, Aoe, TaoW

  • ATW


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