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Ranks: Administrator | Citizen
Patron of: imb39 | gigagaia | Halie Satanus | Tostig | the kwas | Tony 83 | miraj | sapi | mongrel | danzig | jimkatalanos

Garbarsardar joined TWC in January 19, 2005. He is a member of the House of Wilpuri and father to the largest branch of the house, amongst others he is patron of imb39, who originally bought the site from Ogre, and also of past and present TWC admins; Halie Satanus, gigagaia and jimkatalanos.

Garbarsardar is one of the few non-modders successfully proposed for the Opifex award and has served as a Judge in the Tribunal.

It was made known that he became the then TWC owner on September 21 (2008), the day when he officially became an administrator. However, he had actually bought the site 6 months previously, but only Hex was informed at that time for various reasons.

[edit] Ranks Held

Administrator radadir.png

Citizen radadir.png

[edit] Awards

Opifex large.png Opifex Award

2008 Award.png 2008 Site Award, Best Debater, Most Helpful Staff Member and Favourite Staff Member

Macebiggold.png Gold Moderator's Mace

Loincloth large rahl.png Asterix's Loincloth

Cdec bronze.png CdeC Bronze Award

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