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Dedicated to bringing you the latest and greatest non-Total War game reviews, news, and videos!


[edit] Staff

Flinn is the Content Director for the Gamer's Gazette.

For the full list of staff members see here

[edit] Current Issues

The Gamer's Gazette is now published using TWC's Front Page CMS system - latest issues can be found here

[edit] Previous Issues

The archive of earlier Gamer's Gazette issues published on the forum can be found here

A contents guide for the earliest three issues is shown below:

[edit] Vol. 1, 3rd issue

Read this issue here


  • Red Orchestra 2: Rising Storm Preview and Opinions by SturmChurro
  • Skyrim Dawnguard Review by Påsan
  • Bring Your A-Game by apple
  • Assassin's Creed 3 Review by Confederate Jeb
  • Holiday Gift Ideas from the Gamer's Gazette by Daily, apple, Legio, Manco & Confederate Jeb

[edit] Vol. 1, 2nd issue

Read this issue here


  • In Verbis Virtus Demo 0.2 Commentary Video by Leonidas the Lion AKA Crandar - Bottled Awesome™
  • Tiny Wings 2 Review (iOS) by apple
  • Gaming Staff Expose Column #1 by Confederate Jeb
  • Daily's First Impressions: Prison Architect Alpha by Daily
  • Old Skool-Warcraft: Rise of a Franchise Part 1 by StealthEvo
  • Sleeping Dogs Review (PC) by Manco
  • Manco's First Impressions: War of the Roses and Chivalry: Medieval Warfare by Manco

[edit] Vol. 1, 1st issue

Read this issue here


  • Minecraft Review (XBOX 360) by Confederate Jeb
  • Crazy's Hardware Review by Crazyeyesreaper
  • Ask Crazy by Crazyeyesreaper
  • Exclusive Borderlands 2, PlayStation Battle Royale, Eve Dust 514 Hands-On by Confederate Jeb
  • Endless Space Review (PC) by Manco
  • Prototype 2 Review (PC) by Daily
  • Battlefield 3 Commentary Video by Leonidas the Lion AKA Crandar - Bottled Awesome™

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