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Welcome to the ETW released mods list. This document is mostly based on a great forum thread by PowerWizard who took the time to create a thread where all mods would be listed, be they large or small, graphic or gameplay. The purpose of this page is to give you an overview about the released mods and to allow mod creators or contributors to give everyone an idea about what their mod does - and thereby hopefully to attract new players!

Everyone is invited to create descriptions for mods which are missing them but please don't meddle too much in other peoples' work and don't make your descriptions overly long. If you want to change an existing description please use the discussion unless you're the original author of the description or a member of the team creating the mod whose description you're about to change.

Now, enjoy the read and have fun with all the great mods out there! -- alpaca


[edit] Major Mods

[edit] Visual Mods

[edit] Major Packs

[edit] Tweaks and Miscellaneous

[edit] Texture lists

[edit] Units

[edit] Flags

[edit] Sound Mods

[edit] Gameplay Mods (battle)

[edit] Gameplay Mods (campaign)

[edit] Miscellaneous Mods

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