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DarthMod (RTW)
Rome: Total War
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Total Conversion
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Created by DARTH VADER with little help it aims to create a mod concerned with able tactical mad AI. DarthMod is a unique double modification for both RTW-BI. That means if you own both Rome:Total War and its expansion Barbarian Invasion, you get the chance to play 2 full modifications for them which enhance them very much in terms of gameplay and graphics.


[edit] History

DarthMod 8.1 was released in this thread on September 22, 2006. The latest version (v9.0.1) was released on November 19, 2012.

[edit] Description

The mod is a complete overhaul for the vanilla Rome: Total War. It provides an enhanced AI -including unique formations for the enemy to use-, new maps and campaigns, new graphics and features, new historical battles and other changes.

[edit] Features

[edit] Factions

You can play as the following factions:

[edit] Rome Total War

[edit] Roman Factions

House of Julii, House of Brutii, House of Scipii

[edit] Barbarian Factions

Gauls, Germans, Britons, Spain, Dacia

[edit] Greek Factions

Greeks, Macedonians, Kingdom of Pontus

[edit] African Factions

Egyptians, Numidia, Carthage

[edit] Eastern Factions

Armenia, Parthia, Scythia, Thrace, Seleucids

[edit] Barbarian Invasion

[edit] Roman Factions

Eastern Roman Empire, Western Roman Empire

[edit] Barbarian Factions

Huns,Goths, Sarmatians, Vandals, Frankish Tribes, Saxons, Celts, Sassanid Empire, Rhoxolani, Burgundii, Berbers, Allemanni Tribes, Lombardi

[edit] Combat

  • The CAI has been enhanced, and now uses custom formations.
  • The fatigue system has been changed and balanced. Now units won't tire as fast.
  • Elephant units have been balanced to make them less powerful.
  • More realistic unit battle movement speed.
  • The mass system is greatly enhanced and reflects better the violence/tension/ferocity of the hellenistic era melees.
  • The balance of some units have been changed: Romans now have more morale and critical hit ability, Macedon’s cavalry is more powerful,...

[edit] Miscellaneous

  • Peasants removed from recruiting queue.
  • The Indian female archers are removed.

[edit] The Team

Darth Vader
Grand Duke Vytautas
Kaweh K.
Signifer One

[edit] Visual Material

[edit] External Links

DarthMod at TWC

Official Facebook Page

Official Twitter Page

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