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The Curia is a forum within the Total War Center which exists for the purpose of aiding the Hexagon Council in the running of the forums. The Curia has a long history on the forums and has existed since late 2003.

The Curia has a large say in the running of the forums and is responsible for maintaining the Constitution of the TWCenter. The Constitution dictates the procedure for election of the Curial Ranks, which are essential to the running of the Curia and some site facets.

The Curia is moderated on a day-to-day basis by the Curator and, if required, his appointed deputies the Curator's Assistants.


[edit] History of the Curia

[edit] Overview

According to the Constitution the CVRIA is "a place for all Citizens of the Site to discuss and propose Decisions that affect the governing of the Site and Site Policy, and also to amend this document. This place shall be known as the Curia and shall be a place for an exchange of ideas."

For the purposes of fulfilling its objectives, the Curia forum is split into four additional sub-forums for different uses.

[edit] Quaestiones Perpetuae

This is the forum where Citizenship applications are posted and then processed by the Citizenry.

[edit] Prothalamos

A forum specifically created for formally proposing and discussing Amendments to the Constitution, Curial Decisions and the granting of Awards. Voting on proposals does not take place in this forum.

[edit] Curia Vote

A forum for voting on proposals that have the required support and for the election of Curial Officers. Posting is limited to the notification of having voted.

[edit] Politia

main article: Citizen's Triumvirate

A private forum visible to only the Citizen's Triumvirate and the Hexagon Council. Within this forum Citizen disciplinary procedures take place and private referrals are stored.

[edit] Controversy

Throughout its existence the Curia has been a controversial subject. Even in its foundation there were those that opposed it, namely The Black Prince. Many have claimed the Curia is not an effective administrative body, that mob rule simply does not work on a forum, or that the Curia does not have the ability to undertake its goals. Under various Admin's the Curia has struggled to define its place on the site, to what authority it should truly command. Under Ogre's Network the Curia's existence came up in various arguments, but the most pressing event was just before the sale of the site to Imb39, where the Curia was almost deleted. In recent times the debate over the Curia continues, many have called for reforms, the main proponent of this is Professor420. Whether the Curia is in fact an effective body, or whether reforms will take place is a matter of debate.

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