Courland (ETW Faction)

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Courland (ETW Faction)
Courland flag.jpg
Name: Courland
From Game: Empire: Total War
Religion: Protestant
Culture: European

Courland is a protectorate of Poland-Lithuania, holding it's home region at the coast of Baltic Sea.


[edit] History

Courland is one of the historical and cultural regions of Latvia. The Duchy of Courland and Semigallia was a semi-independent duchy that existed from 1561 until 1795, encompassing the areas of Courland and Semigallia. While its population primarily spoke Latvian or Livonian, the duchy was governed entirely by a small landed class of German-speaking nobles. Although nominally a vassal state of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, the dukes operated autonomously. In the 18th century Russia acquired great influence over the Duchy. The Duchy was one of the smallest European nations to colonize overseas territories, establishing short-lived outposts on the Caribbean island of Tobago and at the mouth of the Gambia river in Africa. In 1795, the last Duke, Peter von Biron, ceded the Duchy to the Russian Empire.

[edit] Details

In the game, Courland starts sandwiched between its protector, Poland-Lithuania, to the south and Sweden to the north. Courland has a reputation of being abnormally aggressive for its size, and will often cause headaches for Sweden and Prussia by declaring war on them. It fields a very large army for a minor nation, and will retrain very quickly if its units are killed.

Since it holds a minor territory, Courland will often mass line infantry, provincial cavalry, and lighter caliber artillery. If it captures a major region, Courland can train the entirety of the generic European unit roster.

Courland flag.jpg

[edit] Starting Position

Courland is situated in northern Europe between the Polish region of Lithuania and Estonia & Livonia, owned by Sweden. It also borders East Prussia to the west. It begins as a protectorate of Poland-Lithuania, along with Saxony, and will usually support Poland when they go to war with Prussia. For a minor nation it fields a large army, and can sometimes take control of East Prussia, which Prussia may have left poorly defended when they conquer West Prussia from Poland. Courland can be difficult to take over and will cause trouble for their Swedish and Prussian neighbours if they declare war on Poland or try to conquer Courland itself, which Sweden is particularly likely to do, since they want to take over to Baltic and Courland is one of their objectives in the long campaign.

[edit] Basics at Start

  • In game Id – Courland
  • Faction name – Courland
  • Nationality – Courlander
  • Theater – Europe
  • Status – Protectorate, non playable
  • Government – Absolute Monarchy
  • Culture – European
  • Subculture – North European
  • Group – Russia - Poland
  • Names – Prussian
  • Sounds – Courland
  • Abreviation – RU
  • AI Personality – default
  • Capitol – Courland, Jelgava
  • Starting Treasury – 7500
  • Victory Conditions
  • Diplomacy Relationships – Protectorate of Poland-Lithuania
  • Starting Armies/Fleets – 1/0

[edit] Regions

[edit] Courland, Jelgava
  • Type – Minor
  • Starting Buildings – Minor Governor's Encampment
  • Infrastructure – Basic Roads
  • Population – 849273/875000
  • Religion – Protestant 85%, Catholic 15%
  • Wealth – 100
  • Garrison – General, Demi Cannon (24 lbr), Provincial Cavalry, Pikemen, 2 Militia
  • Starting Towns/Villages/Ports – Kuldiga (Craft, Metal Workshop) Ogre (undeveloped), Tukums Forests (Timber, Logging Camp), Preili Farmland (Wheat, Peasant Farms), Liepaja (Port, undeveloped)

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