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If a member of the Total War Center forums posts are of sufficient quality and they abide by the rules of the site, an existing Citizen may "patronize" them (propose them to become a Citizen). If they pass a vote of the citizenry in the Questionaes Perpetuae forum, they shall gain the rank of "Citizen". The citizen rank gives the user the right to vote in Bills, as well as post in the Symposium and Curia. Citizens may also use custom use titles (the default for them is 'Citizen'). It is important to note this is the extent of a Citizens' duties; they are not staff and do not moderate, though they can elect applicants for curial offices. Also, if a citizen is able to maintain their rank for three months without receiving any warnings then they are elligible to run for a curial office or to serve as moderators.

Once a member becomes a Citizen, they can then choose between 3 different badges. Artifex, designed for those who are modders, Civitates, designed for those who have contributed to the debating side of the Site, whether in TW or CC, and Citizen, for those who associate with both or neither. An updated list of citizens can be found here. Citizens with pages on the wiki can be found here


[edit] Citizen Badge

If a member of the forum does not wish to choose between being recognized as having strongest ties to either the Common Community or Total War parts of the forum, he may choose to simply wear the neutral "Citizen" badge as shown below:

Citizen radadir.png

[edit] Civitate Badge

Members who choose to be recognized as having strongest ties to the Common Community can select the Civitate badge shown below:

Civitate radadir.png

Originally the rank of Civitate was the honoured rank bestowed on forum members for both excellent Common Community and Total War contributions to the forums, with the distinction between Civitate and Artifex arriving some time in 2006. The rank of Civitate was instituted within the first version of the Syntagma.

[edit] Artifex Badge

Members who choose to be recognized as having strongest ties to the Total War community can select the Artifex badge shown below:

Artifex radadir.png

The rank of Artifex was developed mid 2006 primarily as an attempt to further recognise the work of those members of the forum who contribute primarily to the Total War side of the forums - for example those who work as members of hosted modifications or write tutorials for use on the forums.

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