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[edit] Structure of Mods Section

This looks like the over-view category for anything else that is a list of mods. I think we need to start adding some guidance here, as to which mods should be in which category, and rationalising what categories are, so we don't end up with multiple incomplete listings (I'm guilty of adding to current confusion):



  • This (Mods) category should only be for listings, individual mod pages shouldn't be added to this one...(that might be counter-intuitive, but I think adding all mods into this as pages would be messy)
  • This category should have guidance on how to find and how to add a mod - editing instructions / guidance for adding mods could be on separate linked to page, to include things like recommended template, writing 'impartial' descriptions and not uploading hundreds of full sized screen shots!


  • TWC Hosted mod pages - if order of contents is same as that of the hosted forums a quick cross check can spot new / removed mods. Mod description should be limited to a couple of paragraphs and one pic. to stop them getting too long - each mod description should link to own Wiki page.
  • Released mod finders - I was about to propose largely abandoning content of the pages I started like :Category:BI_Mods_%28Released%29 and substituting sortable tables categorising released mods by whatever anyone is likely to choose by, inc mod-folder installation, era, type etc, see experiment EDIT: previously in Playpen now at Released Mods.
  • 'Other mods' - this is bit I'm not sure how to arrange or title, we need equivalent listings to the TWC Hosted to cover mods that are either hosted elsewhere or only exist in individual threads (e.g. Blue Lotus, Caius's Crusades, WIP mods etc) - Possibly this should really be the main listing and include all the TWC hosted stuff as well?

(and umm anyway :Category:MTW2_Mods needs clarifying if it should only have released mods in it or not)

--Makanyane 16:40, 4 May 2007 (CDT)

I like the idea on Mak's Playpen and think that should be implemented on a 'Released Mods' page that incorporates mods for any version of any TW game. I'll talk to you on msn about it :) --Perikles 04:41, 5 May 2007 (CDT)

Does anyone have any idea how to fix formating on either this or template so it doesn't overlap text? I never noticed it doing it before so not sure why it is now! -Makanyane 16:23, 26 July 2007 (CDT)

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