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Links to tutorials and useful answers to common modding questions, divided by category.

For modding tools (e.g. model exporters) see M2TW Modding Tools

See also M2TW Modding Tutorials Category for tutorials contained on this Wiki.

When adding items please keep to existing format with type of article first;

  • Tutorial = extensive tutorial, step by step how to mod something etc.
  • Resource = lists of things that work in game, docudemon etc.
  • Download = downloads of helpful starting set-ups, re-formatted files etc. (not tools or mods please)
  • Answer = short piece on minor topic or answer to frequently asked question.


[edit] General Set-up Information

[edit] Units

[edit] Unit Cards

[edit] Models

[edit] Textures

[edit] Animations

[edit] Banners

[edit] Statistics

[edit] Formations

[edit] Buildings

[edit] Mapping

[edit] Campaign Map

  • Tutorial - How I Make My Maps by BDH (covers use of satellite data - written for RTW but applicable for M2TW)

[edit] Battle Map

[edit] Factions

[edit] Diplomacy

[edit] AI behaviour

[edit] Characters

[edit] Traits & Ancillaries

[edit] Scripting

[edit] Names

[edit] Sounds

[edit] Music

[edit] 2D Graphics

[edit] Miscellaneous

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