77 BC - Twilight of the Republic

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77BC - Twilight of the Republic is available in a mod-folder version for Barbarian Invasion v1.6.

As you would imagine the game starts in 77BC with the SPQR caught in a dangerous position. Mithridates of Pontus, altough defeated twice before, is mustering another army in an attempt to drive Rome from Asia Minor & become the dominant force in the near East. This is not your only concern, Sertorius, a supporter of the Marius cause has defected from Rome & set up base in Iberia where he has gathered his Legions along with the local tribes he plans his next move.......

Featuring Historical characters such as Sertorius; Pompey; Caesar; Mithridates; Catalina & Spartacus, this is no ordinary mod, this is your chance to change the history of the Late Roman Republic.....

The mod combines scripted missions with gameplay freedom to do whatever you want. Several historical events are represented in the mod like Spartacus rebellion, the war against Mithradates, etc.

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