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Welcome to Total War Center's Wiki. Here you can find information on the Total War Series games, the TWC forums and their community, and mods for Total War games.
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Total War: Three Kingdoms

Three Kingdoms Cover Art

Creative Assembly's next epic addition to the Total War franchise is set in ancient China in the Three Kingdoms period starting at 190 AD. Reviews so far have been intriguing with PCGamer describing it as 'ambitious, beautiful and confusing'.

Total War: Three Kingdoms will introduce two different modes of campaign play, a 'Classic' version based on the Records of the Three Kingdoms which aims for greater historical accuracy, and a new 'Romance Mode' based on the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms which portrays generals and faction leaders as powerful heroes with special powers.

Generals and leaders seem set to be more important than in older titles, and the game will include the ability for the traits and abilities of up to three generals to be used in one army. Diplomacy has been re-worked and is intended to be a more important part of the game introducing concepts such as 'obligations, reciprocity, and trust'.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is already available for pre-order. The game is due out for Microsoft Windows on March 7, 2019, Feral Interactive has announced that the game will be released for macOS and Linux shortly afterward.

Members of the Total War Center have been gearing up for the release of Total War: Three Kingdoms with a badge competition to bring an Oriental theme to the forums. Please VOTE NOW to select your favourite.

Also on TWC the Total War: Three Kingdoms discussion area includes a remarkably informative historical information thread, and a debate about whether to pre-order or not that has been going since February 2018!

Napoleon: Total War Modding Spotlight

The American Civil War is a single or multiplayer battle-play mod for Napoleon: Total War. The mod includes historic battle maps and scenarios, an innovative 'victory point' mode, thousands of unique regiments, artillery batteries and leaders.

American Civil War mod logo

ACW version 2.5 has been released, and the mod is now more stable and more playable than ever before! This version adds 5 new maps and 2 new scenarios, a user guide to help you configure your PC for improved online multiplayer battles, and more!

Total War: Rome II Modding Spotlight

The Last Stand of Greece is a campaign overhaul of the Wrath of Sparta DLC that focuses on the events of the 4th Macedonian War (150BC-148BC) and the Achaian War (146BC).

The Last Stand of Greece mod logo

The mod adds additional units, 11 more playable factions, an improved mercenary system and more variety to starting positions. This recently released mod for Rome II now has its own hosted forum on TWC here.

2018 TWC Member Awards - Vote Now!

SA 2018 BANNER.png

Every year, the Total War Center community looks back at the members that have made us laugh, cry, informed us, mentored us, and generally been legendary people. Chosen and voted on by you, the members, this is your chance to select members for forum glory! Nominations have been received and compiled:


Post of the Fortnight

The Post of the Fortnight Competition is a new feature on TWC, it is the place to see how the best debaters post and present their ideas and positions. The Competition aims to recognize the best posts and reward the authors with well-earned medals.

The first ever winner was Dick Cheney with Significance of Teutoburg Forest, he starts:

I’m just going to come out and say it, but Teutoburg Forest has got to be one of the most overemphasized battles in human history (right up there with Thermopylae). The popular myth of course, is that Germanic Tribes (led by Arminius) banded together and soundly defeated three Roman Legions (led by Quinctilius Varus) at the Battle of Teutoburg Forest -during the height of Roman power no less-, thus permanently ending Roman plans for the colonization of greater Germania.

Read more here

Another winner with a military theme was Cyclops with Why was flanking so effective?, here's a taster:

Getting men onto a field to kill one another is no mean feat. You do it by bonding them socially, emotionally and militarily. Less centralized ("civilised") societies bring warriors to the field when each individual decides to come. Complex societies have conscription and other forms of coercion, material rewards, intangible rewards , religion and so on that allows masses to be mobilised and moved. Part of these systems is practicing in formation, and the line of battle is a very old and successful institution.

Read more here

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For latest release news please view Modding News and Announcements on TWC.

For a compilation of last year's announcements see; Modding News Front Page Announcements 2018

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Modding Awards:

  • The TWC Modding Awards for Total War mods released in 2018 will be coming soon, discuss the future awards here
  • 2017 Results
  • Previous awards - full archive of results

Total War News

For latest news please also view Total War Gaming News and Announcements on TWC.

Three Kingdoms Teasers

Total War: Three Kingdoms will have an all-new spy system, find out more in this video.

Biographical and playstyle details have been released of the eleven legendary warlords you will be able to play as, including the female warrior Zheng Jiang described as "The Bandit Queen", "A fierce warrior and anarchist bandit, she lives to burn down the corrupt Han Dynasty". Read more here.

"A Hero's Journey" shows legendary hero Zhuge Liang wandering ancient China searching for a worthy master, the video showcases the varied landscape of the game's territory.

With diplomacy set to be a major factor in Total War: Three Kingdoms two blog posts and videos have been released describing the new system. Find the links and discuss the implications here.

Thrones of Britannia - Steel & Statecraft

The Britannia Saga has recently had an update titled the Steel & Statecraft patch with an additional bug-fix issued on 14/1/2019. The patch focuses on improvements to Estates, Traits & Recruitment but also includes new Buildings and two new Settlements. The full patch notes can be found here. Discuss the patch on TWC here.

Rome: Total War!

Surprised to see good old RTW in the 'news'? No, it's not a misprint! Feral Interactive have released Rome: Total War for Android and iOS. Unfortunately, the mobile versions aren't currently moddable, so mod lovers may need to hold on to their old PC versions too. Discuss RTW on TWC here.

Warhammer II - Festag Beta

Will we get an update to the update to the update? The Festag Beta Update has had its own update, see the full details here. The Festag Update is an opt-in beta which contains changes to Skills, Buildings, Balancing & Abilities. Discuss your experiences with Warhammer II and the update here.

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