The latest patch for the Italian Wars mod is out now. Italian Wars is a mod for Medieval II Total War Kingdoms that takes you to the sixty years war between France and the Hapsburgs to gain ascendancy over Italy, involving most of the Italian city states or lordships and even most of the European states. This Patch fixes most of the know bugs, including rebalanced unit settings. Besides balancing the issues, the patch also includes rework for many parts of the map.

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06-28-15 | by FrostySOTF

Victoria: Total War

The Victoria: Total War Team is proud to present the Mod's first open beta for Empire: Total War. This includes a simple and easy to use installer and mod launcher, as well as in-game artwork, gameplay, and units to suit the late 19th and early 20th Centuries! For more details, please see the download thread as much more is already in the works!

The Total War Center University was made long ago in an effort to give modders and prospective modders an environment to both teach and learn the various techniques crucial to successful modding of Total War titles. Since then the University has grown to include more than just modding related classes, and right now the Course Creative Writing is being offered and starting in just a couple days. The course is designed to give you writing skills and to be a place to express your creative side, it will include a variety of written assignments that you can let your imagination run free with and create something wonderful that is uniquely your own.

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06-24-15 | by FrostySOTF

Rome: Total Realism

Rome: Total Realism still lives in the Rome: Total War forums! A dedicated team has been hard at work these past few months to resurrect the once great mod that captivated so many. They have decided to start from scratch, and here is their first preview for all to see! Join these giants of Rome in the first step to re-building a once great community of modders and historical enthusiasts!

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06-22-15 | by FrostySOTF

Extended Campaign (Beta)

has brought us a thrilling Extended Campaign for Total War: Atilla! This campaign includes 12 new factions such as Armenia, Egypt, and Judea. There is also improved wife and child chance and more! He plans to add 6 more factions and improved siege AI. You can check out this Steam Workshop page for more info and updates!

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06-17-15 | by FrostySOTF

Anatolian Principalities

Anatolian Principalities team
presents you a long awaited mod for Medieval II: Total War! Anatolian Principalities is a Kingdoms expansion mod with 20 playable factions, improved AI, various new scripts and much more! You can also view previous threads from said team, such as, Maritime Principalities and Kingdom of Georgia.

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06-11-15 | by FrostySOTF

GaW Athenian/Spartan Preview

has brought us previews for both the Athenian and Spartan factions in the amazing Greeks at War mod for Total War: Rome II. These are incredibly detailed previews for both factions, including a short history by Mausolos of Caria for both! You can check out more on these previews and all they entail here and here.

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Rally Point Episode 27 is here, with a big announcement for a new Total War: ATTILA campaign pack, The Last Roman. The campaign is based on the military campaigns that Emperor Justinian sent out to reconquer the Western Roman Empire territories, a campaign led by the famous general Belisarius. Set 150 years after the start of the Total War: ATTILA campaign, the map looks significantly different than before, with the Western Empire having fallen and the Eastern Empire poised to reform the empire of old. The campaign pack is set to release on June 25th, 2015, consequently also the 15th birthday of the Total War franchise.

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The new Conflictus Antiquarum Culturarum Campaign Pack for Total War Rome II has been released. The Campaign Pack provides two new custom made campaigns to the Rome 2 game. One campaign represents the situation in 332 B.C. after the Makedonian conquest of Asia Minor; and Rome is on the verge of expanding on the Italian Peninsula. The other campaign represents the situation in 69 A.D, also called the Year of the Four Emperors, which saw four Emperors ruling the Roman Empire in quick succesion.

The mod also achieves the big v1.0 with this release, which officially concludes the final planned version. Check out the Campaign Pack and immerse yourself in the two new historically realistic campaigns, and as always, share your thoughts and appreciation for the team in the release thread here.

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In Nomine Dei - In the name of God is an overhaul mod for Medieval II Total War Kingdoms that initiates with the fall of Edessa. The mod aims for a complete overhauled game play experience during the time frame of the Crusades. Set up on a complete new map, with several new factions, scripts, traits, ancillaries and units, the player will have to find his way trough historic events and choices, to lead his God to his rightful place in the Holy Land. Support the mod with your feedback and participation in their very own hosted crusading forums.

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The Total War Center University was made long ago in an effort to give modders and prospective modders an environment to both teach and learn the various techniques crucial to successful modding of Total War titles. Since then the University has grown to include more than just modding related classes, and right now the Course Making Videos with Windows Live Movie Maker is being offered and starting in just a couple days. The course is designed to teach the basics of both general video editing as well as how to use the program WLMM to its fullest potential, giving you as an editor the basic knowledge necessary to move on to more advanced editing later on. Sign up now before it's too late!

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05-29-15 | by m_1512

ETW: War of 1812 Mod

Dust gathers in the horizon, the ground rumbles with sound of hooves... the cavalry is coming!

The War of 1812 mod now has its own hosted forum. The War of 1812 is a total conversion mod for Empire Total War that brings you the experience of the not widely known war between Great Britain and the United States. A war that was started for National Honor, Trade Embargo, and Domination of the High Seas; in essence, a war of strong wills. Get the mod to recreate battles from the era, and support the team by your feedback and discussions as they work on the mod's full version.

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Radious is bringing us Radious Total Units Mod (Updated 27.5.2015) which is a Complete Unit Card Overhaul of this wonderful mod for Total War: Attila. This mod also adds additional unit balancing, some small AI recruitment changes, and several bug fixes. You can check out this newest addition to the amazing Radious Total War here.

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Creative Assembly has announced today that all the closed beta testers for the in-development Total War: ARENA can now talk about it publicly without the risk of a legal nightmare. This past weekend CA ran a Total War: Arena event at the ESL Studio in Cologne. All the battles are available to watch on CA's fresh new Arena Youtube channel, with the first battle embedded above.

More Arena videos are hitting the Web as well-known Total War Youtuber lionheartx10 sat down for an interview with some of the Arena developers to get the lowdown on the title. Catch the informative interview here and be sure to subscribe to Lionheart's channel for more Arena and Total War gameplay videos.

If you'd like to discuss the new game or ask questions about it, then budding generals should pay a visit to the new Total War Center Total War Arena Forum.

Check out the ARENA forum here!

The Roma Surrectum team presents a preview of the new battle map environment for their mod, Roma Surrectum III for Rome: Total War. This update will add new unique settlements, an overhaul of the campaign, new battlemap environment plus a lot of minor features and bugfixes! This promises new life and excitement to the classic game that we all know.

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