The Beta version of Masters of Europe is here! Masters of Europe is a mod for Napoleon Total War that brings improved and balanced gameplay. With new rosters, more realistic cavalry, and new naval effects, this mod promises to bring you a rich and immersed game. Get the mod for a new campaign and share your valuable feedback with the team as they tinker away perfecting the mod.

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Creative Assembly has confirmed the latest title in development, Total War: Warhammer. After months of speculation, it has been announced that this game is now in progress parallel to the historical TW titles. To quote Will CA in the announcement, the game will have it all. From Gigantic monsters, flying creatures, legendary heroes and storms of magical power, and thousands of warriors clashing in real-time tactical battles, to endless war and cunning alliances in the campaign. Enjoy the video with a pack of crisp, and pitch in to the latest gossip in the TW scene.

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04-20-15 | by m_1512

Attila: KLA's Faction Leaders mod!

KLAssurbanipal brings you a shiny new mod, Faction Leaders Mod. This mod is a reskin for all faction leaders in Total War Attila, focusing on the appearance of the faction leaders with focus on historical authenticity. A must have mod if you are looking for some cool faction leaders with new snazzy outfits, all based on historical accounts and illustrations of the men themselves.

Suit up your faction leaders here!

04-19-15 | by Omnipotent-Q

Modding Legends Interview: ToonTotalWar

Total War modder ToonTotalWar is a wily veteran who has been active in the modding community for a decade now. His very popular All-in-One modifications appear in Total War games ranging from Total War: Rome II to Rome: Total War - Alexander. Total War Center's Old Dragoon has sat down with Toon for an interview on modding and his ten years in the sun.

Has it been a challenge staying on top of All in One with all the patches that came down the pike? I know from my take it seems like you have not missed a beat with every new patch. With that are there any new future surprises with All in One?

The patches at some stage were a real killer! And I had to call on services from the likes of Dresden, Magnar, and Radious to name a few as sometimes I feel that the mod was just getting too big and overwhelmed me with so many files to monitor and change with each patch! I suppose that's what makes us a great community as we share our knowledge with each other and I battled through to find the fixes to enable the mod to continue.

Catch the full and very interesting interview right here. Look out for future interviews with more legends of the Total War modding community in the very near future.

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Famous YouTube artist, THFE Productions has released a new video for the mod, Total War: Rise of Mordor. This mod is an ambitious total conversion project for Total War Attila, featuring the War of the Ring against Sauron. The mod is currently in progress, but you can get the latest glimpse of the completed works in the video. Enjoy the mod, and support the mod team with your comments in their official mod forums.

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After more than a year and a half of development and research, Splenyi has released his localisation-based mod, Splenyi's Project - Realistic Names for Total War: Rome II.

The goal of this mod is to rename all units and factions to something as authentic as possible, by using native languages throughout.

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04-13-15 | by m_1512

Rome II: KLA's Eastern Generals

KLAssurbanipal has released a new pack for Total War Rome II Emperor Edition. This mod brings more variety to the Eastern faction generals, with new portraits, and campaign & battle textures. Get this mod to bring more variety to the Eastern campaigns.

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04-09-15 | by Hader

Masters of Europe Update (NTW)

Masters of Europe - Faction Update

The latest update to Masters of Europe for Napoleon: Total War adds a total of 3 new factions to the mix - Spain, Portugal, and Catalonia. Each faction boats its own unique array of new units over three time periods, and includes a total of 175 new units.

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04-05-15 | by StealthFox

TWC Content Needs You!

Total War Center wouldn't exist if it wasn't for volunteers sharing their passion for Total War with the masses. If you have your opinions on Total War like we do, want your voice heard by the entire community, while learning some useful and cool skills in the process, then perhaps joining our very merry Total War Center staff team is for you! There are many opportunities for all skills and interests! We will be highlighting a different area of Content Staff to give you an idea of all the areas available where you can participate. TWC would be nothing without Total War, so today we feature the Total War centered areas including the News Team and the Eagle Standard. Stay tuned for another coming posting featuring additional areas of Content.

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04-01-15 | by StealthFox

Attila Total War Mod Compendium


It's been several months since Attila's release, and our hard working modders have been compiling their best changes and additions for a fuller and more polished experience. These mods will of course be added to the workshop once it is online, and enabled and disabled with a simple click. From graphical enhancement and light and angle corrections, to unit roster overhauls, our community has good reason to be proud of their craft, and the tools provided to them will only be growing as the game reaches maturity. To highlight some of the modding communities work Lugotorix has developed a Mod Compendium of some of the best mod currently available for Attila.

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03-31-15 | by m_1512

This is Total War!!!

Legend of Total War takes on the world as the Western Roman Empire in a This is Total War campaign. He must be at war with every faction the turn he comes into contact with them. Will Rome still burn, or can he save them?

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03-29-15 | by m_1512

Critic's Quill - Issue 45

The first Critic's Quill of the new year has arrived! With reviews of the recent Scriptorium Competition winners, plus its regular reviews and articles, don't miss out on the latest news from Total War Center's writing community!

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The Broken Crescent mod team is proud to present you a brand new faction preview, Eldeguizids of Azerbaijan. Broken Crescent is a legendary total conversion mod for Medieval II Kingdoms that takes your grand campaign to an epic struggle of the middle east. Enjoy an inspiring video of a brand new faction, and show your support for a mod that will make you experience the heat of an epic conflict.

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Creative Assembly has released the latest episode of Rally Point, to bring you news of what's to come in Total War Attila. This month’s episode has a gory plethora of squelchy information hits hacking and slashing their way across your screens – plus the latest on the upcoming (and absolutely free) Tin Isles Mercenary update for Total War: ATTILA. And one of the highlights being a chat with voice actor Pano Masti – the voice behind Attila himself.

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03-19-15 | by StealthFox

TWC Modding Awards 2013

Better late than never...
The Modding Awards for 2013 are finally here! Send your mind backwards to 2013 and nominate your favorite mods and modders so we can recognize the legends of TWC. Modding is the beating heart of this site, and it's time to pay homage to all who work so hard to better the Total War experience for all. The nomination period will last two weeks ending on March 31.

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