Christos' Suffets of Ba'al Hammon is a Total War Rome II mod that brings more variety of skins for Carthaginian generals. Similar to the Christos' Legatus Legionis mod, this mod changes the skins for all Carthaginian generals in the game depending on where you deploy them, in the court or in the field. Check out the mod, and share your comments and valuable feedback with the author in the mod thread.

Mod works with all Rome II campaigns - Grand Campaign, Caesar in Gaul, Hannibal at the Gates.

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The Total War Spartacus Rises mod for Total War Rome II is back with a major update. This update brings really cool new features and compatibility with the Emperor Edition update. New playable factions, new units, and many more changes comes with this update. Check out the mod and share your comments and feedback with the developers in the official mod forums, here on Total War Center forums.

Requires the Hannibal at the Gates DLC.

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A little later than scheduled, IllumantiRex sat down with Total War and 'the Great War' modding pioneer Mitch for an informative interview. In this interview, IllumnatiRex talks to Mitch about a range of topics, from modding to other interesting tidbits about being a modder.

'I love that my real world friends don't know I mod, one of my friends once asked me if I'd seen the World War 1 mod for NTW.. haha he still has no idea I'm part of it...'

Check out the interview, and tell us if you enjoyed the interview and share your feedback in the thread.

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The game Ultimate General: Gettysburg is now released! This game is based on the Battle of Gettysburg from the American Civil War, focusing on rich gameplay and details to make playing a fun challenge. Smart AI commanders, Multi-Day Dynamic Battle, and Numerous Tactical Factors are some of the main features available in the game. Read more about the release in the official thread here.

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Total War Arena - Call for Players

The Creative Assembly has just announced an exclusive opportunity for players to be one of the first people in the world to play Total War Arena, and share feedback directly to the development team. Total War Arena is a 10v10 team-based battle game currently in development by the Creative Assembly. More information can be found in this thread.

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The Magnar Mod for Total War Rome II has a new preview for the Iberian units. The team presents a preview into the Iberian roster that features screenshots and 3D renders for the units, all of which are based on archeological and historical research to bring history alive in your game. Check out the units and their historical information in this cool preview.

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There is a new update for Alii Colores Romae mod for Total War Rome II. Formerly known as Alternate Colors for Rome II, this mod aims to achieve a more realistic or authentic impression of the armies and units in the game. The new update called Omnes Factiones provides new uniform themes for all sides in the game, including civil war factions and rebels. More information in the official mod thread here.

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Lionheartx10, totaltotalwar, oOiYviYOo, LegendofTotalWar, and The Rambler have come together for an interesting Youtube Hotseat on the Medieval 2 Total War Kingdoms campaign. A Hotseat is a campaign game between players, where every player plays a faction and the saves between turns are sent from one player to the other. Watch an exciting campaign between these veteran players, as they strive to be the sole victor of the campaign. Share your thoughts, tips, and tricks for the players right here on the Total War Center forums.

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DarrenTotalWar brings you historically accurate, balanced and brilliant collection of mods that enhance playing as a Greek or Successor state nation. After a thorough search through 100 different unit pack mods for Total War Rome II, DarrenTotalWar has chosen 4 mods that allows the player to play as Massalia, Cimmeria, Pergamon and Rhodes - all complete with their own faction specific units and victory conditions. These mods also bolster the rosters of the regular Greek and Successor state factions. Check out the video and share your feedback and comments about the mods in the discussion thread.

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The Great War Weekend Part 1 - Mod Review

This weekend on Total War Center we're celebrating one of the greatest Total War mods of all time - 'The Great War' mod for Napoleon: Total War. In this nice new article TWC staffer Meelis13 reviews the mod and re-caps what makes this pioneering total conversion mod so very special.

' In my first campaign playthrough I played as Kaisar Wilhelm's Germany. Infamous for its large manpower and an emperor with an elaborate moustache, it was not until June 1915 that the Reich had its first full army stack available and at my disposal... '

Have you played The Great War? What makes this mods special for you? Comment now, and remember to visit Total War Center tomorrow for an interview with modding veteran and TGW developer Mitch.

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The Creative Assembly presents the first panoramic for the upcoming game, Total War Attila. The panoramic image is of the Battle of Londinium, which was showcased in the demo at EGX event. Check out the panoramic to download the epic scale of the dark and fiery battle.

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Christos' Legatus Legionis Mod

Christos' Legatus Legionis is a Total War Rome II mod that changes the look of the Roman generals. The mod changes the skins for all Roman generals in the Campaign, and both Custom and Historical battles. The mod also adds a really cool feature that changes the look of your generals depending on how you deploy them, as a Legatus or Statesman. Check out the cool mod, and add another level of immersion to your game.

Mod works with all Rome II campaigns - Grand Campaign, Caesar in Gaul, Hannibal at the Gates, and Imperator Augustus.

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The third version of Rome II major overhaul mod 'Conflictus Antiquarum Culturarum (CAC)' has been released. CAC focuses on history and realism, including extensive changes to the basic game to improve campaign and battle gameplay. The mod will give the player a more diverse and less predictable experience, while trying to increase the overall pleasure of playing Rome II. Download the popular mod right here and give it a try!

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DarrenTotalWar has searched through over 80 different graphical mods for Rome II to put together a compilation of the best mods that work together. See them in action in the video and download them for yourself! A list of all the mods and links are in the thread.

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The renowned Kaziel's Romans mod has released its latest update that is a brand new unit pack for Early Republic Roman Units. Kaziel's Romans is a Total War Rome II mod that adds completely overhauls the look of Roman units, and adding much variety and ambiance to the units. Check out the cool mod here, and share your feedback and appreciation for the mod author's work here in Total War forum.

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