The Creative Assembly has just released a new trailer for Total War: Warhammer. In this video we get to see more of Orcs, specifically the Greenskin legendary lord, Grimgor Ironhide, along with a fly through over the campaign map for the first time!

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11-24-15 | by SharpEyed

Total War: Attila - Age of Charlemagne

The age you were waiting for Total War: Attila has come. The Age of Charlemagne campaign pack is out on 10th December along with some Free-LC. It'll have a big map with more than 50 provinces, 8 playable factions, new era units, and many more new stuff!

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11-19-15 | by FrostySOTF

Total War Warhammer: Night Goblins

The Total War team has just released a video detailing the newest unit in Total War: WARHAMMER - The Night Goblins. This is a short preview detailing the nocturnal creatures and the way they act, we eagerly await the release of the full game to find out more.

11-18-15 | by SharpEyed

Age of Bronze v1.2 Official Release

After 3 months of hard work, the Age of Bronze team has released their 1.2 update of their mod for Total War: Rome II. It includes many things such as new factions with their own icons and models, new and improved UI elements, total gameplay overhaul including battle mechanics to provide immersive, balanced, and historically accurate battles. Don't miss out!

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11-17-15 | by FrostySOTF

Defensores Romanum

Avetis has just released a modification for Total War: Attila. This mod is named Defensores Romanum and is a total roman re-skin containing new units! All land units, marines, officers and standard bearers have been re-skinned alongside over 300 new textures and 15 new units being added! This mod is one the community has taken to greatly and I'm sure you will as well!

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The next Commander of Total War: Arena has been revealed to be the Cynane, half sister of Alexander the Great. She was an Illyrian/Macedonian warrior princess, famous for her skill in battle and refusal to be daunted by the will of men!

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There has been an update on the Imperial Legions of Rome mod for Total War: Rome II. Legio XXX Ulpia Victrix is consist of three new units for Castra Ulpia Victrix (Brittania). Including an armored cohort styled after a popular figurine image. Check them out!

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Total War: Arena devs has published a new video which covers the recent updates and what's to expect from future ones. Meanwhile North America servers are officially live now and more Closed Beta keys are being send out!

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11-11-15 | by FrostySOTF

Sparta Anthology Reskin

Buio666 has come out with a beautiful re-skin modification for Total War: Rome II! This mod is a complete re-skin for Sparta and adds 40 new 3D models, 400 new textures and a ton of new units! You have to see these re-skins for yourself!

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11-10-15 | by SharpEyed

Total War: Arena - Patch 12.4

There has been a new update for Total War: Arena today! It brought us a brand new map Alpis Graia, gameplay improvements, many bugfixes and more!

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11-10-15 | by FrostySOTF

Armenia: Between Two Worlds

Avetis has brought us a new mod for Total War: Attila. Armenia: Between Two Worlds is a mod that features custom victory conditions, a new roster, officers, character names and new armours to name a few! This mod is in beta stage right now and is shaping up very soundly! I think it's definitely worth seeing!

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11-07-15 | by FrostySOTF


The ILOR Team has recently released a new update on their Total War: Rome II Mod! This update contains new models, a new recruitment system, upgrades to armours, updated legions, and much more! You can now conquer the ancient world in a new and efficient way thanks to the updated castra recruitment system!

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The Total War: Arena team has just released a spotlight video of the new map that is coming to the game next week. Alpis Graia is set in the harsh valleys of the Alps Mountains. It delivers a focused gameplay with multiple routes, terrain types and elevation, testing the skills of even the most experienced players!

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11-04-15 | by SharpEyed

Mod Awards: Finalists and Time to Vote!

The Creative Assembly has just announced the 6 finalists of this year's mod awards. It was also announced that you might get a random DLC of either TW: Rome II or TW: Attila just by voting! Don't miss out!

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In preparation for the first official future release of The Great Conflicts 872-1071, which is a mod for Medieval II TW: Kingdoms, there is an exclusive Let's Play with LegendofTotalWar. They appreciate and looking forward for all the feedback and help!

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