Tsardoms Total War proudly presents the preview for the Swiss Confederacy. Tsardoms is a Medieval 2 modification focusing on Italy, the Balkans and Anatolia and the rise of the Ottoman Empire between 1345 - 1530. It includes diverse factions rarely seen in other mods such as Florence, Wallachia, the Karamanid Emirate, Ragusa, the Swiss, the Austrians as well as the popular Hungarians, Ottomans, Venetians and many more. Each faction has unique and brand new units as well a brand new map. The mod covers the late medieval and early renaissance period when plate armour and trebuchets shared the battlefields with new gunpowder weapons and cannons. The Swiss are a new faction using a combination of pike and halberd blocks, a variety of crossbow and gunpowder units but lack any quality cavalry and archer units.

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The Italian Wars mod developers have shown us a unit preview of another faction - Rebellious Peasants of southern Germany, which will be added in upcoming November battle beta version.

10-20-16 | by Hader

Napoleonic Total War 3 Tournament

NTW3 version 7
makes you travel back in time in to the boots of a marshal of the Grande Armée or their foes... You will get now over 20 Historical battles with 2 new added, a Regimental mod for the year 1815, a fully functional and enhanced SP Campaign, the return of the desktop launcher, 1240 units amongst which 230 new ones, 183 historical generals, 77 new scenarios, 37 factions with 4 new ones: France 1799, the Holy Roman Empire, Piedmont-Sardinia, and the United-States of America.

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Sarzamin Javid 1.5 (The Immortal Land) reskins more than 50 units and adds 40 new units to the Sassanid and Eastern Roman Empires, as well as many improvements in cavalry attack severity during battles and Sassanid campaign difficulty level. It also adds new skins to generals, changes faction leader's armors, and introduces chariots to Attila!

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The Wise Coffin returns with an overview of the mod Ogniem i Mieczem: Total War (With Fire & Sword) for Barbarian Invasion.

10-13-16 | by Hader

Ad Mari a Mare Lithuania Preview

The Ad Mari a Mare mod team is proud to present a preview of the newest faction, the Duchy of Lithuania!

10-07-16 | by Blastoise Groudon

War of the Roses RP game!

Are you a fan of Medieval English history? If you are, we invite you to check out our new game here at the Total War Center RP sub forum. It is an War of the Roses setting and we could always use new players. It may be two years into the game, but come now and change the course of history! Can you help Edward of York stay on as King, or can you help his foes kick him out?

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10-05-16 | by Polemaios

Ancient Empires - Custom Battles

Due to delayed campaign map development, the modding team behind Ancient Empires for Total War: Attila have released version of this project that features overhauled custom battle mode.

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10-01-16 | by Hader

You Are The Senate

You Are The Senate

Rome, 91BC. The tribune Marcus Livius Drusus proposes to extend Roman citizenship to it's allied Italian cities. However, he is assassinated in protest to his plans. Upon hearing that their chance of citizenship has passed, the Italian cities revolt and the Social War of 91 BC erupts. You assume the mantel of a Roman Senator in these times of social unrest. Will you become as wealthy as the great Marcus Licinius Crassus? Will you amass absolute power like Gaius Julius Caesar? Or will you triumph over your enemies on the battlefield like the great Gaius Marius? The course of history is yours to command in You Are The Senate!

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09-30-16 | by Blastoise Groudon

Genghis Khan: Total War!

Behold! Be afraid! The Mongol Hordes are here! You better run before Genghis gets you, unless, you think you can stop them? Anything is possible today! The Wise Coffin returns with a look at Genghis Khan: Total War, a mod for Barbarian Invasion. Come check it out!

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09-29-16 | by Hader

Ad Mari a Mare Prūsai preview

The Ad Mari a Mare mod team is proud to present a preview of the newest faction, the Prussians!

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09-28-16 | by Hader

Ab Urbe Condita Platinum Released

AUC Platinum has finally been released! Incorporating Mundus Magnus, RS2 graphical improvements, new city strat models, new factions, improved animations, an AOR mercenary system and hundreds of new units it offers a unique experience of Rome Total War , yet still retains the feel of vanilla gameplay. Now with Platinum it contains a host of new changes and improvements, including landbridges, unit reskins, new units, new buildings, improved AI tactics/formations and a fully automated installer.

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Patch 6 of Hispania in the Middle Ages Mod for M2TW has been released. This patch includes a new campaign and new system of recruitment for the military orders, including their own independent fortress.

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The team of DCI: Last Alliance proudly present the third settlement preview: this time displaying the architectural artistry of the savage Orcs. DCI:LA is a Work In Progress submod to Third Age: Total War.

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09-24-16 | by Polemaios

The Italian Wars - Hungary

The team behind The Italian Wars, a mod for Medieval 2: Kingdoms, have completely overhauled Hungarian Unit Roster after weeks of historical research and hard work.

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