12-04-16 | by Polemaios

The Italian Wars Native Languages

Thank's to HaHawk's Native Voices Mod Ver. 1.0, The Italian Wars team were able to add in native voices to almost all factions. Soon we will update/add voices from Empire Total War so the Turkish and Arabic generals and agents reply in their native languages as well!

After six months of development, the Seven Kingdoms: Total War modding team is proud to present you the first public release of its project. The alpha version of Seven Kingdoms features 17 armies within 8 factions led by 19 photorealistic characters from the TV show Game of Thrones and it will be expanded in upcoming weeks.

The Rome Total Realism team summons you to participate in open beta for their newest Rome Total Realism iteration- RTR 8 Beta will be released on Friday, the 2nd of December.
What are you still waiting for, commander?

More info here!

Ho-Ho-Ho! Merry Christmas time! The Wise Coffin has prepared to you merry overview of Santa invasion mod for Medieval II: Total War.
Jolly invasions, everyone!

Click here to spread holiday spirit!

11-29-16 | by Hader

Rise of Mordor Battle Balancing

The team of Rise of Mordor invites you to check out the public release of the WIP battle balancing for their Total War: Attila mod! We'd like your feedback on how to improve the balancing for the final release. Everything is subject to be changed.

11-24-16 | by Meelis13

Wood Elves design choices discussion

In this video, ProtoBo discusses design choices of Wood Elves in upcoming DLC for Total War: Warhammer. He highlights, how Wood Elves will be different from other factions in Warhammer and how exactly they will change the game. And of course some critisism is in order as well.

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The Wise Coffin has made an overview video of Anatolian Principalities mod for Medieval II: Total War: Kingdoms. In this video he offers his analysis of the good and bad on what mod has to offer

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The Wood Elves are coming to Total War: Warhammer in a new DLC to be released December 8th 2016! They are a new faction in the grand campaign and will also feature in their own narrative-driven mini-campaign, the Season of Revelation. With powerful archer units they can be strong adversaries to any general. Wood Elves are also capable of capturing every settlement, making them a unique faction.
Available for preorder now.

More information here!

Total War: Warhammer will arive on Linux on 22 November 2016.

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11-11-16 | by Hader

The Italian Wars Battle Beta 1.0

The Italian Wars Battle Beta is released! See five completely new factions (Duchy of Savoy, Margravate of Montferrat, Signoria of Bologna, Duchy of Urbino and Rebellious Peasantry), completely overhauled unit stats and recruitment costs according to Real Recruitment and Real Combat guidelines, and new menu and battle map sounds.

Join OfficiallyDevin as he analyzes the differences and similarities between Total War's and Civilization's turn based mechanics, and probably figures out why we're all so addicted to them!

The Lordz Modding Collective together with Total War Center are hosting a tournament on the latest version of their award winning mod NTW3.

Awesome prizes are donated by the Napoleon-Souvenirs webshop.
1st Prize : 2 Charleville Muskets Replicas
2nd prize : 2 Coronation Daggers
3rd place : 2 Imperial Eagles
4th place : 2 Napoleon: Total War Imperial Edition Box Collectors
Various gifts will be distributed randomly to players along the tournament

64 teams (30 spots already taken!) with 2 players each will be facing each other in a classic 2vs2 tournament with LoC rules (Line of Communication).

11-04-16 | by Meelis13

Rome 2 Total Realism

After long hiatus Rome 2 Total Realism team comes with further improvement of Rome 2: Total War mod focused on Rome 2 historical authentic gameplay.

11-03-16 | by Polemaios

Rome: Total War - Zombie Mod Overview

The Wise Coffin has posted another video overview. This time, he's taken a look at the Zombie Mod gameplay.

11-01-16 | by Meelis13

Gamer's Gazette issue XII

The Gamer's Gazette has returned! Take a chair and get yourself comfortable, while you read this all-new issue containing everything from Mass Effect 3 review to Game of the year 2015 competition results.

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