Silmarillion: Total War is a total conversion mod for Rome: Total War Alexander that is set in the First Age of Middle-earth, covering Beleriand and parts of Middle-earth. And now we get to see the 6th preview, which is The Kingdom of Gondolin. Check it out!

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02-07-16 | by SharpEyed

Writers' Study Yearly Awards

Voting for Writers' Study Yearly Awards is started. There are many categories with as many Creative Writing and After Action Report. Check them out!

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02-05-16 | by SharpEyed

Game Picture of the Week

Game Picture of the Week competition is started, where you send your unedited or edited Non-Total War game screenshots and have a chance to win reputations and medal.

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On this month's mod reviews The Wise Coffin hosts the latest version of the popular Europa Barbarorum II, which is a Classical age mod for Medieval II: Total War - Kingdoms. Check it out!

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02-01-16 | by SharpEyed

Picture of the Year Competition - 2015

Voting for Picture of the Year Competition 2015 has just been started. Go and see those amazing pictures and choose your best 3 until 28th February!

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01-28-16 | by SharpEyed

Total War: Arena - Patch 14.2

There is a new update for Total War: Arena that has been released just now! It brings us a brand new map Gergovia, some important gameplay improvements, many bugfixes and more!

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01-18-16 | by SharpEyed

Masters of Europe: New Version

The Masters of Europe team has released a new version of their mod for Napoleon: Total War. This update completes the rosters of last missing factions, so the mod covers every faction now!

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DCI: Last Alliance TW team has released a new preview of their mod for Medieval II Total War: Kingdoms, Third Age: Total War. In other words; the Hill-men of the North march out, to fight and plunder both Elves and Númenóreans! Check them out!

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01-16-16 | by SharpEyed

Fourth Age: Total War - Dominion of Men

The Fourth Age: Total War - The Dominion of Men, a lore-friendly Middle-earth mod for Rome: Total War - Barbarian Invasion, has finally been released. It has innovative gameplay features, well-made visuals, audio and textual descriptions as well as great attention to details!

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01-15-16 | by SharpEyed

3D Medieval II TW Mod Resources

Mr.Crow is generously sharing the 3D models and textures of his Bellum Crucis, CSUR and WARWAGONS mods, that are for Medieval II: Total War. With this he also attempts to encourage other modders to be as generous!

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12-23-15 | by SharpEyed

Europa Barbarorum 2.1b

The Europa Barbarorum II team has released the latest update of their mod for Medieval II Total War: Kingdoms. It has countless gameplay, visual improvements and many new units for all regions and factions!

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There is a winter event on Total War: Arena which will start in two days. It will grant 14 days premium status, some xp and silver to everyone who plays the game during the event. Don't miss out!

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12-19-15 | by SharpEyed

Total War: Karling - Faction Previews

The Total War: Karling team has released two new previews of their mod for Total War: Attila. We get to see the nightmare of Europe, the Vikings; and the powerful kings of England, the Anglo-Saxons. They have many units that are willing to fight, check them out!

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12-16-15 | by SharpEyed

Better Aggresive CAI - Attila v3.9

Newest version of Better AI-Attila mod is ready. No more passive AI towards you nor other AI, no more endless sieges either! You can also expect to see many more changes and improvements since the last version, as well as some optional fun stuff. Check it out!

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The Iron Chancellor has made a mod for Total War: Attila - Age of Charlemagne. It will allow you to play as Basileia Rhomaion, originally being Theme of Sicily. Apart from the name change you can also expect to see some diplomatic, unit, political party changes. And there will be even more changes in future!

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