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    Here's the mini-mod a lot of people who've downloaded the Long Road have downloaded.

    As you may be able to tell from my sig, it lowers population growth. It's for the currently released version, 1.8

    I can tell you, it's a significant difference and fits in with the TLR scheme perfectly, making the road that much longer.

    Your economy will suffer, your advancement in world techonologies will be delayed, you will have a hell of a time starting any building projects or trying to mount any sort of offensive. You will have to change your strategies if you want to survive. Ever single soldier counts, do your best to use them efficiently! There are also a bunch of other subtle changes that you'll experience as you play.

    Hint: farms are your friend.

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    I am sort of kinda working on a province naming thing.

    If I ever finish it, I will share it.

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    Im putting my building and unit export files here, finally implemented burreks new units, they are balanced, but maybe you need to tweak them a little more. This version should finally work
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