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Thread: Possible to get 40,000+ population in new version?

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    Default Possible to get 40,000+ population in new version?


    Is it possible to get 40,000+ population the new version of the Long Road? It feels somewhat strange to me that a town would have only 50 people in it in this mod, when the number of soldiers you have in your army vastly outnumber the townspeople you have total in your empire. That seems wierd.

    I tried to use cheats to make Stockholm in the beginning of the game have greater than 40,000 people, but I never get the option to build Huge City walls. Is this a part that stone walls haven't been invented yet and only after a certain year it comes possible? The squalor was insane.

    Then again, I know Constantinople in real life had upwards of 300,000 during its heyday. Baghdad in the middle ages had 250,000 I think, and Jerusalem had 200,000 to 1 million people at the time it was seiged by the Romans in 70 AD.

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    Default Re: Possible to get 40,000+ population in new version?

    1.) The buildings and units are based on an "era" system. You should see historical info pieces drop down almost every turn along with your recruitment report, etc. One of those historical events will be a trigger for stone walls. There are triggers for different types of armor. All sorts of stuff. Huge walls is included as one of those triggers.

    2.) I don't think we've ever been able to have that many people in a settlement in any Total War game. Also, you have to consider that the game has to be balanced, and also that there are hard-coded parts of the game that modders can't change. Having that many people in a settlement would produce insane income levels. A completely realistic game would be awesome, but Creative Assembly is unfortunately a relatively bad game producer... they make games to make money (quantity over quality) rather than to make a truly great game (a true realistic simulator of the medieval era).

    CA has essentially created their own genre - there really isn't competition to make them get off their asses and stop making bad games. The modders for all the TW games have put in MUCH more time and effort that the actual game developers.

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    Default Re: Possible to get 40,000+ population in new version?

    I thinkI had 125,00 ub Constantinople in a mod in about 1150

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    Default Re: Possible to get 40,000+ population in new version?

    We can have that kind of population. Unfortunately, population controls income from trade and taxes. A city with that many people would be very wealthy and I can't reduce it in a clean way.

    Just think of the population count as (Taxable people) not simply peasants.
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