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    Ill the next version by release today

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    Me too, I can't wait !!!

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    As I went to hosted modifications, y'all got my hopes up.

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    Now, I din't want to be a grumpy mod wannabe. But there is allready 1 or 2 threads about this, is that not enough?
    If you did miss it tho, here we have 1 of em

    Ok, I also eagerly await the new release and vissit this board like 2-4 times a day, but I can give Thornnight the time he needs. The more time we give him, the better the next release will be (hopefully).

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    personally I would rather have 1.9.9 be a "quick" version so that we can have something to play that's specifically designed for 1.2... version 2.0.0 could be the "take your time" version, and i'm sure we would all be happy to wait for 2.0.0 because we'd all be playing our 1.9.9 campaign(s).

    and yeah guys come on, at least pray to the shrine to tornnight if you want 1.9.9 to come out... it's like hoping for rain but not doing a rain dance and praying to the god of rain.. clearly not too many pagans here =P

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    Don't worry. I'm nearly done with what I want to do for this release.

    I'll have it out within the next day or two.
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