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    Is it possible to disable the Flood event? This event is bugged so that any province it occurs in is permanently bugged: movement rates drastically reduced and you can't ever build a watchtower in that province. This is annoying enough in vanilla, with a much shorter game and smaller map, in TLR after awhile it pretty much kills the game as more and more provinces become affected.

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    I think this is an absolutely critical issue. With a 900 turn game, many provinces become movement and watchtower bugged. Can this be addressed? Simply removing the event would not signifigantly impare the game. What has a flash flood really affected, anyway?

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    Well observed and I totally agree, this is indeed a critical issue! I too encountered this the other day but didn't know what was the cause. I only found one thread dealing with the issue and it didn't say. I figured it was maybe due to a bugged building (seemed like the roads were suddenly not working anymore) or disaster. But I couldn't pin it down since at first I wasn't paying attention. I noticed a flood in Toulouse, followed by the halfed movement rate but I missed the flood message in Leon so it didn't make sense. I too am playing slow games on .50 and in my current campaign it hasn't happened to me but I noticed a flood in Cordoba and indeed the movement rate is halfed. This sucks! I mean it's worse enough having to move one's units from Leon to Toledo to avoid it and thereby being unable to move west or south through Leon, liekwise it's bad having to repel French attacks and bridge blockings in the north of Toulouse with it but I don't even want to imagine what happens when this happens in the huge provinces of Africa or Russia!
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    Open up


    Search for flood.

    I haven't tested the effects of what you can do but I imagine, you can change the frequency up to some large number.

    You may also be able to just remove the whole flood event.

    I'll test these options out and one of them will be included in the next release.
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    Excellent, thank you. It does indeed have a frequency value (in years), so I'll probably change it to few hundred and hopefully rid myself of this nonesense.

    Btw, the frequency for floods is ten years. Now, I'm not sure how literally one should take this value but I'm 56 years into the campaign, so that's probably 5+ bugged regions. Oh well.

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