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Thread: How to open .pack files?

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    Default How to open .pack files?

    See title


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    Default Re: How to open .pack files?

    Crack them open with Vecingetorix`s tool. Here`s a guide too:

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    Default Re: How to open .pack files?


    But what is sample pack?which is in a new zip folder?


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    IIRC there is a sample pack that Vecingetorix has included so you can get an idea on how to repack things. But, you might want to take a look at this thing for repacking. It really makes the life easier.
    If the link in the first post doesn`t work, see that there is a dl link in his sig. Or search for it on the dl section of twc. I think it is also uploaded there.

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    Thx again i had fount it already
    i dont want open a new thread
    can you(or someone else) say how to open a .rmd file?
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    Do you mean .rsd ? the ones that control how the UI elements are displayed - if so I don't think you can directly, you can view in text / hex editor but I'm not sure anyone managed to change them. Alpaca cracked the .sd files for M2TW which are similar thing so it might be worth looking at how that was done.

    Otherwise if you meant .rwm (the sort of save of map information in campaign folder) then again I don't think you can do anything useful with it.

    .....waits to be embarrassed when you explain what .rmd actually is.....

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    i am sure .rmd
    only this file is the whole roman legion mod

    i need the mod-switcher to install them in the game

    its only one file for the mod
    i cant really explain this here a screenshoot

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    Default Re: How to open .pack files?

    you also may want to get your hands onto the xidx it extract animations, sounds and skeletons.
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    Thx all
    I have founded a way how to open it
    Just installing them on desktop!


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    Default Re: How to open .pack files?

    nice tool

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