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    I enjoy this mod a lot and think you guys are doing a great job.

    One thing i'm wondering is that it seems EVERY family member aside from a clear minority in my games has low loyalty and traits that lower their loyalty as well. Has to do with them being "unwatched" by the kind and having ambition. Is this occuring too often or is there something I should know to do to prevent this?
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    I have found that stationing family and generals in the capital will, gradually, remove the unwatched trait, and if they are neither ambitious or loyal, will eventually provide the King's Eye trait. I don't know if it takes a standard amount of time or not. Further, I don't think King's Right Hand can be obtained unless you give a character with King's Eye a title. The presence of the King (say, leading a stack of family/generals) doesn't seem to affect their loyalty gain or loss through the Ambition/King's Eye trait line.

    Until the AI gets a seprate budget to bribe your disloyal generals/family, the loyalty seems moot except for moral modifiers in battle. If the AI always left, say, a reasonable mount of gold saved back for randsom and bribery by diplomats, then disloyal family would matter much much more.

    Could we get a more thorough explanation of how this trait line works, torn? Any plans on AI budgetary issues with regard to bribery and betrayal?

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    Default Re: Family Loyalty

    I think it is a little too common, I have a general in Dumfries(Sp?) and he got the "Unwatched" trait when my king is in Edinburgh.
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    Default Re: Family Loyalty

    These traits are part of Blood Broads and Bastards.

    I haven't really customized it much yet. I plan on that a little bit down the road.

    Tips to battle rebels
    You need to avoid the Offensive_To_Nobles trait.

    Can be caused by a newly crowned king that was not the son of the previous king.
    Can be caused by an expanding empire.
    Can be caused by a Dread King
    Can be caused by poor finances. < 0 treasury
    Can be caused by a un-pious King

    I don't quite like these triggers. I've started to tweak them but I can't really gotten into it.

    Tips to battle discontent

    1. Don't get excommunicated
    2. Don't loose a battle when at an advantage
    3. Characters in smaller settlements far from the capital can become discontent
    4. Executing prisoners when a character is chivalrous
    5. Adopting new characters can cause siblings to become discontent
    6. Character is chivalrous and King is not and vice versa can cause discontent
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