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    Hello SS mod user. Student23 ask me if I wanted to make a
    few loading screen for this mod. I was surprises by the request as
    I consider myself to have little experience with photoshop cs2. I will try to make a few submission as you can pick and use it to w/e purpose you desire. I'll start making SS own loading screen in a few days release a few group after another. If your looking for a certain theme. Feel free to ask. Once 1.2 comes out, it will unlock a great "fury of battle" angle but thats not for a couple more week.

    For the moment here's a few example of my work from RTJ mod:

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    Well mate thanks a lot, first of all...little experience or not my friend these Pictures look like taken from a movie!!

    Guys like you and Alletun really provide an immense help to people like me who only are familiar with text work!! I think King Kong will like this stuff!! I know I do!!

    Well of course, we will see the next days, for which ones King Kong decides are gonna make it into the mod! I'm really curious 'bout that.
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    heh, just like all of us we seem to be waiting for 1.2 , the screens will open way up once we get our choice of camera angles (so most of us are not making more pics)

    good pics aion, we all can't wait for when we get the fight shots and angles found in previews

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    These pics are really awesome!
    Especially the pic with the Norman Knights looks fantastic!

    I'm now pretty confused which pics I should take...
    However, the thing is that Alletun has also made some very cool stuff, and he has already made all designs with a unique "Stainless Steel" style and probably he had already some work with it. Therefore, I think it would be disrespectful not to use them...

    Nevertheless I thank you very much for offering your artworks!
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    Its no problem No disrespect what so ever.
    Each mod should have there own style. I'm glad you have someone
    who's dedicated to their own mod.
    I'll go back to work on Road to Jerusalem loading screens and my animation menu .bik project.
    Thanks again and good luck on your mod.
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    Yea man just keep your style up! You do an excellent job with those redux pictures!

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