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Thread: Announcing an EPIC mod- The Belgariad

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    Default Announcing an EPIC mod- The Belgariad

    The Belgariad

    "And the time shall come when I have Lordship and domination over all the earth, and all peoples shall be mine. Hear me, ye peoples, and fear me. Bow down before me and worship me. For I am Torak, forever King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and God alone to this world which I have ca
    used to be."

    The Belgariad focuses on bringing the fantasy world of David and Leigh Eddings' The Belgariad to life in Medieval 2: Total War. This mod will bring a total of 15 factions, ranging from the legions of Imperial Tolnedra to the hordes of Mallorea.

    Faction list:
    • The Kingdom of Riva
    • The Kingdom of Cherek
    • The Kingdom of Drasnia
    • The Kingdom of Sendaria
    • The Grand Duchy of Mimbre
    • The Duchy of Asturia
    • The Tolnedran Empire
    • Cthol Murgos
    • Mishrak ac Thull
    • Gar og Nadrak
    • The Mallorean Empire
    • The Melcene Empire
    • The Seven Kingdoms of Karand
    • The Kingdom of Algaria
    • Nyissa
    The Kingdoms of the West and East are in turmoil. The once-strong alliances that bonded the nations of Riva, Cherek, Drasnia, and Algaria together have long since shattered. Petty territorial disputes and political squabbling have pushed these proud and independent nations to minor bloodshed. Though no protracted conflict has occurred yet, it is only a matter of time.

    In the East, 'Kal Zakath has taken control of all Mallorea, uniting the eastern continent under his rule. The only independent nations in the far East are the Seven Kingdoms of the Karands, who are so split and divided that they pose little threat. However, the other threat is far more substantial...the Melcene Empire, hailing from their island homeland, has conquered much of the eastern coast of Mallorea. Indeed, they boast something that the Malloreans cannot hope to match- elephant calvary. After watching three battalions trampled to death by Melcene elephant calvalry, the Malloreans were quick to send diplomats east and establish peace.

    Truth be told, the Melcene civilization is one of the most advanced in the world. A nation of architects, scientists, alchemists, and military geniuses has led the Melcenes on the road to discover a power far greater then ever seen before...a strange black powder they named "genuivine pvdwytr", or more commonly known as gunpowder. This simple, elegant substance may give these island pioneers the edge they need over their enemies...and the power to establish an empire.

    'Kal Zakath of Mallorea is not standing idly by, however. Marshalling a huge host of troops, he has crossed the Sea of the East and is systemically laying siege to the fortress cities of Cthol Murgos. He bears a hatred for the Murgo race that is an obsession to him, a burning passion to cleanse his enemies from the face of the earth. Zakath realizes that once he completes his conquest of the Murgos, he will face whichever Kingdom can unite the disparate Western kingdoms together. Like two great tides, they will clash, and their conflict will determine the fate of most of the world.

    The Murgos, however, will not give up without a fight. With most of their provinces still under their control, they will need to marshal their remaining forces and drive the Malloreans back. If they can succeed in accomplishing this, perhaps the Murgos can take the fight back to Mallorea herself.

    To the north of the Murgo Kingdom lies the Empire of Tolnedra. Boasting the mightiest army in the West, the Imperial Legions can strike any direction they wish. To the north lies the Grand Duchy of Mimbre and the never-ending civil war between the Mimbrates and Asturians. The Tolnedrans can capitalize on this conflict quite easily, seeing as how several legions stand poised on the border. To the west lies the endless conflict of the Murgos and Malloreans, with the Thullish Kingdom and the Nadraks caught between the two warring superpowers. There is much to be gained in the east...and the North. The militarily weak Kingdom of Sendaria lies to the North- a few Legions sent that directions could expand the borders of the Empire considerably.

    The Grand Duchy of Mimbre and its Duke, Korodullin, is thought to be the crown of Arendia. Arendia, consisting of Mimbre and Asturia, is locked in an endless conflict, with no end in sight. Mimbrate knights ravage the lands not under Mimbrate rule and Asturian archers take a peculiar delight in riddling any Mimbrate they find with several dozen arrows. If the Mimbrates can subdue their rebel brothers, the new-found Kingdom could annex the lands of Sendaria. Taking these valuable farmlands could open up the Kingdom to something greater- boasting the best heavy calvary in the world, the present Duchy has a very real chance of expanding into a Kingdom...and perhaps something more.

    Current progress- Map is being, well, mapped. This mod has been in planning mode for a very long time, waiting for the right game. We've looked at EE, R:TW, etc, and have decided on MTW2 to host the mod. The team and I are currently working out exactly how to go about creating it- we're new to this game. Once we figure things about, progress will go much more rapidly. On the note of the actual map, we'll be cutting the mod into two parts: the Kingdoms of the West, then the East.
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    Default Re: Announcing an EPIC mod- The Belgariad

    And I just finished the book! Well best of luck to you all.

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    Default Re: Announcing an EPIC mod- The Belgariad

    That sounds fantastic!
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    Default Re: Announcing an EPIC mod- The Belgariad

    Update: Thanks to TSDIV and others, the map is finally working and region mapping + physical map edits will begin soon .

    *meanwhile, I've been watching this video for hours now oO

    *off topic ftw*

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    Default Re: Announcing an EPIC mod- The Belgariad

    The island of Riva (not finished w/textures or anything )

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    Default Re: Announcing an EPIC mod- The Belgariad

    Nice to see that the map is working and it's looking great! Nice use of EPIC!

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    Default Re: Announcing an EPIC mod- The Belgariad

    I would totally beta-test this baby in a heartbeat. The Belgariad is by far my favourite book series ever, and it's what got me into Fantasy in the first place.

    Thumbs up!

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    Default Re: Announcing an EPIC mod- The Belgariad

    Langsuyar- We'll definitely contact you when the time for the beta comes

    Thanks for all the interest so far!

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    Default Re: Announcing an EPIC mod- The Belgariad

    Very nice concept, out of curiosity, why separate the Melcene from Malloria? They've been part of the Mallorian empire for centuries (at the time of 'Kal Zakath).

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    Default Re: Announcing an EPIC mod- The Belgariad

    True, the Melcenes were part of the Mallorean Empire, but more of a province, "semi-independent" I would say. I've been considering merging the two into one to increase the amount of units the Malloreans would have, e.g. Elephants as well as hordes of infantry, etc. It all depends on how we want the mod to play out

    If we expand the map to include both full continents, we may keep them separate, increase the amount of playable factions in the East. Without the Melcenes as independents, there would be only the Malloreans and Karands in the east :/ A 3rd faction there would increase the playability of that part of the world.

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    Default Re: Announcing an EPIC mod- The Belgariad

    What about the Dals then? Are they still just a province for Mallorea, or can you add another faction for them? If so... that's a really big chunk of land there. Maybe you could have them be a faction by its own? Ooh, with travelling seers that use the witch model, or princess model? Maybe they could be the priests for their faction...

    Sorry. Just a suggestion. ^^ I thought it'd be cool. Good luck!

    Edit: Oh, and maybe the Ulgos if possible! I remember they had fought before. And you could put in the Hrulgin too - horses textured differently and all. Maybe the rest of the monsters too!

    Sorry. I love this book >> I hope you do a really good job!
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    Default Re: Announcing an EPIC mod- The Belgariad

    Sounds like an awsome mod, looking forward to it.

    Also could you start the Melcenes out as a seperate faction but a protectorate of the empire, that would increase the eastern factions while still staying faithful to the books.

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    Default Re: Announcing an EPIC mod- The Belgariad

    Hmmm .... if you are going to do that, can you throw in a version for the Elenium as well?

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    Default Re: Announcing an EPIC mod- The Belgariad

    Quote Originally Posted by Lopus View Post
    Hmmm .... if you are going to do that, can you throw in a version for the Elenium as well?
    Student23 and I are definitely considering an Elenium mod, but the first step is to get this one working

    There's a very good chance that we'll have an Elenium mod later

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    Default Re: Announcing an EPIC mod- The Belgariad

    Man it definately looks awesome!!

    Regarding the factions...I will stick closely to the Riva Code!
    I will have to read a couple of the books of the Saga again I think!

    I'm really psyched about the diversity of unit rosters and factions!

    I'm thinking Gothic Knights, Gendarmes and other Heavy Cavalary for Mimbre
    Longbowmen for Asturia....Roman Legions for Tolnedra and Walls of Pikes for Drasnia etc...


    Oh yea...Elenium is definately coming...but like Epic said, one at a time!!

    @ Epic

    I think we should get going on the Factions! How far are you with the mapping? So maybe we could put some spots on the map first?!
    Also I think when we start on the factions, we should decide on possible Unit rosters faction by faction, step by step! I think a lot of cloning and copying has to be done, so we might need the help of some very skilled individuals around here, to maybe join us!!

    P.S I think we need a fancy signature as well!!
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    Icon6 Re: Announcing an EPIC mod- The Belgariad

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    Default Re: Announcing an EPIC mod- The Belgariad

    Awesome! I loved that series - read it in the late-eighties! Those ugly leathery faced Murgos would be awesome!

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    Default Re: Announcing an EPIC mod- The Belgariad

    Also...if any of you guys visiting this thread is by accident familiar in the arts of modding, might just be mapping, skinning, re-texturing, .txt altering, faction copying or something else, your help will be needed sooner of later!

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    Default Re: Announcing an EPIC mod- The Belgariad

    Good Luck Belgariad team! The modding world is very difficult , especially to do a total conversion like this in the medieval 2 engine (the amount of work is huge). Best luck!!!

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    Default Re: Announcing an EPIC mod- The Belgariad

    Thanx!! Well the way my vision goes, hopefully it won't be too difficult! At least the human looking races I hope! Riva, Cherek, Sendaria, Drasnia...They will all get their own looks, heraldry (Tabards+Surcoats), different Unit Rosters, maybe altering of Helmets and some armoring, but at least at this point I'm not planning to completely create new units! But me and EPIC still have to discuss those points.

    For Tolnedra for example, I'm planning Roman legions. I think there are a couple of guys out there, just modding Medieval 2 into Rome maybe at a later Stage I will ask them for some help regarding our mod...

    We are at a very early stage here and every modder reading this thread please be welcome to offer your help to me or Epic through PM

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