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Thread: The Long Road - major or Minor?

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    Default The Long Road - major or Minor?

    Im pretty inexperienced in modding but ive tweaked files and used a fair cross section of the available mods.

    My favourite so far is tlr 1.9beta because of the more ambitious, and succesfull, changes its made in comparison to mods like lands to conquer etc.

    But for some reason its catagorized as a minor mod in the forums when less extensive mods are up their with the majors.

    Have you guys found that it doesn't differ from vanilla? - having played tlr does it offer as diverse/fun gameplay as the really popular mods?

    Have i missed something?

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    Default Re: The Long Road - major or Minor?

    Those designations are pretty meaningless IMO.

    If anything it should be a category for conversions vs regular mods.
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