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    Just wanted to say Thank You for spending your time creating such a great mod. I have been playing Medieval since its release date but have not had as much fun as I have since installing TRL ...

    again Thanks and if there is anything i can do to assist other than enjoying your mod..please feel free to ask..

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    I have to echo this. I took a small break from M2TW, for the sake of school and whatnot. Now that I have a -bit- more free time, I decided to download the newest Beta (It already went up to 5! Wow!) and I fell in love with the game once again.

    I have never, ever seen a mod with such depth and flexibility. It has bloody near everything. Plus, I'm very impressed at the talks going on about additional modifications and additions. When I first downloaded this mod when it was 1.5 (or so) I didn't think it could get any better. How wrong I was

    To every single modder who contributed, Thank you!

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