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Thread: Post your Empire

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markas View Post
    Hellheaven, sometimes you remind me of King Canute trying to hold back the tide, except without the winning parable.
    Quote Originally Posted by O'Hea View Post
    The only reason why Charlemagne came into this at all is because Hellheaven thought it'd be a fun way to troll some byzantophiles.

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    That's nice. Attack some African minor that hasn't gone into a grand alliance or coalition against you, and the opportunity for AE-free land becomes endless.
    Quote Originally Posted by Toho View Post
    If someone is dancing on my bed when I am trying to sleep? Kill them.
    Quote Originally Posted by babydoc View Post
    Hippodrome has wrong number of rows for seats.
    No buy for me.
    Thats it I had enough!

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    What happened in France?

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