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Thread: Films of possible interest to TLR/MTWII players & modders

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    Default Films of possible interest to TLR/MTWII players & modders

    Here's a few I've just found and watched. I know there are tons more so, if you know of any, please list them.

    Named in English, "The Barbarians", a 1953 Italian film about the 1527 sack of Rome by Imperial (HRE) and Spanish forces.

    It's not a great movie and the English dubbing is really poor at times but it does include some battle sequences that may be of interest to those with modelling skill if they want some armor/costume/ pattern/color scheme ('s black & white but still useful) and weaponry examples to work from.

    The Messenger-the story of Islam: 1976. Granted it's time frame is 610 AD but the battle sequences include both units still in use in MTWII as well as some interesting tactical situations such as archers all on one flank as opposed to lined up in front of the infantry. This film was made simultaneously in two versions, one with known Western actors/actresses in the lead roles (Anthony Quinn/Irene Pappas) and one with Arabic actors actresses. I've only seen the Western version but the 2 set VHS tape I rented had an interesting trailer on it about the making of the film which allowed a much better look at the costumes and weapons then the frenzied action scenes in the film. Again, probably of more use to modellers but not a bad film either.
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    Default Re: Films of possible interest to TLR/MTWII players & modders

    Hmm. How did you find these? I'm sure they aren't available at your local blockbuster.
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    Default Re: Films of possible interest to TLR/MTWII players & modders

    Hey I found "The Message" which I think is what you are talking about.

    I have a subscription to Netflix which has a nice variety.

    Ohh and btw... you might try "Beowulf and Grendel".

    The original "The 300" was a pretty good movie as well.

    Of course, I am also looking forward to the new Frank Miller film which seems to add a little myth to the story.
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    Default Re: Films of possible interest to TLR/MTWII players & modders

    The wonderful Internet Medieval Sourcebook has a section on medieval history in movies, with sections on the worst, the best (historically), the best (as films), and historical movie myths. The list was compiled by a professor who once taught a course on medieval literature as film.

    As an aside, there's a new version of Beowulf in post production now, which uses animation over live actors. It's being directed by Robert Zemeckis, who used the same technique in The Polar Express. The screenplay was co-written by Niel Gaiman, who same may know as author of The Sandman graphic novels and other novels such as American Gods, Anansi Boys (both of which I highly recommend) and Neverwhere and more. Should be good. Even has Brendan Gleeson (Hamish in Braveheart), Anthony Hopkins, and John Malkovich in it.

    Oh, and one of those films listed above is a must-see for MTW players and modders, Alexander Nevsky. It's a Russian propaganda film from 1938. Black and white and subtitles, but this is one of the great works of early film. And it deals pretty well with the historical facts of Nevsky's defeat of the Teutonic Knights at Lake Peipus in 1242. When the Russian characters are discussing the dreaded Teutonic "wedge" formation of the knights, you can commiserate with them. The costumes are great too.You can distinguish Nevsky's personal druzhina from the Novgorod militia, and the Teutonic Knights look amazing, especially all of them at full charge. And the score by Prokofiev is great, too.
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    Default Re: Films of possible interest to TLR/MTWII players & modders

    Quote Originally Posted by tornnight View Post
    Hmm. How did you find these? I'm sure they aren't available at your local blockbuster.
    Yes. Your right about that. I have a place called "Reel Video" here in Berkeley which is more of a movie fanatics video store.

    I own Alexander Nevsky on laser disk. It's a pretty good flick considering the era and that it's largely a propaganda film. There are lots of German soldiers running around who bear a striking resemblence to "Darth Helmet" in Space Balls as they are short and have oversized helmets that are a cross between Medieval and WWII german.

    Isn't "The 300" called "The 300 Spartans" or do yo mean a different movie?

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    Default Re: Films of possible interest to TLR/MTWII players & modders

    ...and here's two more. Neither have any really big battle scenes however, just small clashes. Both are examples of why you have rebels show up in your provinces!

    The first is the 1923 Conrad Veidt "William Tell". It's silent. There are some interesting armors represented in the pikemen and halberdiers especially a large helmet with eye holes in the brim for when you tilt your head forward. Mostly of interest to modelers..and crossbows of course )

    The second is "The Warlord" a 1965 film with Charlton Heston. Again, no big battles just a tower siege vs some "Frisians" but lots of late 1100 century (the start of MTWII) units and armor to get ideas from.

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