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Thread: Ain't That The Way EP - Ethan Stone Band

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    Default Ain't That The Way EP - Ethan Stone Band

    Ain't That The Way EP

    Ethan Stone Band

    Release: January 26th, 2007
    Genre: Rock-Pop

    1. Ain't That The Way
    2. Linger
    3. Too Late
    4. Before My Time

    Ethan Stone is a local musician who i've actually come to know very well, he started off his performing career playing at my workplace, about six years ago. Since then, he has become a much better live performer, and has become a full time musician. With a career which has recently exploded around here, and is becoming decent in the underground, he has potential to explode. He was asked to perform at Gillette Stadium (Home of the Patriots), but he refused due to Alcohol being consumed at the Stadium.

    Anyways, onto the review. This little EP is a sampling he gave me, along with a few others who went to his most recent concert. It aptly gives insight into his talent, his music, and his upcoming 2007 Album release.

    The Opening Track, Ain't That The Way, is arguably, one of the best on the whole EP. Though, I love all of them . It was co-written with good friend Tim LaRoche, who is competing in the Television Series "Nashville Star". A more pop oriented song, the Rhythm is catchy, and the piano work excellent. The lyrics are nice too, something seems fresh about them. The song seems to build up until it reaches the Climax, the last minute and a half. It's then that is truly draws you in, just before it ends... Tempting you, eh?

    Linger is actually the first song he wrote. In His words " Linger was the first song I ever worked on, solely on the Acoustic. It was conceived after a pretty nasty bout with a girl I knew". It was once he went into the studio that it transformed from a simple acoustic song, to much more rock oriented song. I enjoy the guitar work as well, it fits perfectly.

    Too Late was released as a single in January of 2006. Garnering much attention in New England, it was also released as a Single in Estonia, Latvia, Australia, and New Zealand. His first publicly released work, Too Late, was recieved with critical acclaim by some critics, and a much more negative response from others. The song drew heavily upon his Funk and Jazz influences, and was very experimental. This, along with the negative lyrics of it, made it a very unique song. Some criticized it as " Clown music" while others said it displayed his creative side. A decent song none the less.

    Finally, the ending song. Before My Time is personally my favorite on the EP. It is solely acoustic, a beautiful acoustic performance at that. The lyrics, although some may criticize it of having too much pop influence in it, blend with the song perfectly, and make it a very enjoyable song. Too bad it's only 2:21 minutes in length.

    I hope my extremely biased review was at least a somewhat interesting read.

    Overall, I give it a :


    You can listen to audio samples of the songs here:
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