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    To install you need to execute 5 to 7 different menus, which are directed not for the Napoleon folder, but to the folder containing the Napoleon folder, without a single warning. Stuff like this can make you lose dozens of minutes to find out, and there is plenty more of stuff like this.

    Each menu takes ages to initialize, ages to install and may not work, because there isn't a single guide. Mostly the mod comprises .pack files, there's no need for .exe to install those, that's what aggravates me the most.

    After a solid couple of hours and resetting my PC twice, finally installed to find a mod so idiosyncratic to the point of unplayability.

    The campaign is featureless, only very peripheral changes.

    Honestly, save yourselves the time, it's just a bloody headache.

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    Just for comparison sake, it took 8 minutes to do a fresh install lf Napoleon: Total War. Excluding the time of download and search for guides, it took 1h30min to install this mod and the 8.1 patch.

    ... for bloody .pack files that barely change the campaign.

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