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Thread: Barbarian supply ships ???

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    Default Barbarian supply ships ???

    I dont get it. Im playing as the Picti, and i cant move my army's across the sea without losing 10% of their forces EACH turn!. A simple move from Ireland to Wales cost 20% of my number, baggage train has no effect, Military ships accompanying has no effect, I cant build 'supply ships'.

    How is it that barbarians could travel the world and trade / invade, yet have no way of surviving even a simple move to the continent ??

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    AI has sea attrition disabled - that's how.
    Also Whales isn't a continent
    The point is - naval invasions are dangerous. They require organization. Barabarians lack it, thus they suffer.
    I advice building up your war chest - then complection your army with only a couple types of units: basic inf, basic missile, basic cav. After the journey You'll be able to merge units losing 1 of each type and replenish with mercs, using funds from Your war chest. Get some chariots - they're op in Britain.

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    Thanks, Im not claiming Wales to be a continent, but a simple move from Britain to the European continent, has the same loss...'Barbarians' were more than capable of travelling the world and invading if they so wished, the vikings (who were no better equipped, with similar vessels), went further than any 'ancient civilisation'.

    They fished for a living, and traded with the whole world. It was their small tribal nature, and insular thought which would see them 'stay at home'.

    Anyway, back to the game, the game already has a restriction on travel via supplies, which is great, there was no need to dis-allow barbarians from making effective invasions.

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    Well, the vikings ships were very much superior built in comparison to british.
    Caesar did commend their toughness but tough ship doesn't necessarily equal good ship.
    It would help with attrition, but ingame system was designed and, admittedly, is correct for greeko-roman vessels.
    But removing it from barbarians is ridiculous in terms of balance.

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    Well, i would suggest the Viking longboats were of little difference to the 'also' seafaring nation of Britannia..there main difference (and advantage) being their shallow flat bottom, allowing an ocean going vessel to also traverse the river waterways.

    As for game play, this could be solved by allowing the Barbs to have say enough supply's to last three turns, thus allowing them a short journey without penalty, but longer voyages with attrition.

    As a separate my campaign, no-one is attacking the it scripted so??

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    Would You? The AI smells that after it'll do that 5 doom stacks will arrive with op heavy inf AND autoresolve buff.
    Not quite the Sasanian 20 doomstacks of fully automatic railgun-crosbow cav....but close

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