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    Is it possible to have different unit sizes for different factions in the same campaign? I had an idea for unit size being tied to imperium level.

    I like playing barbarian factions and I especially like the start of the game when you have a barebones village and are fighting against other barbarians in little skirmishes with small unit sizes. But then fighting Roman armies late game that have 800 units is pretty boring and unrealistic. Conversely I hate doing early game with the largest unit sizes where there is 300 half naked spearmen holding a street in a town for the whole battle because there is no room to maneuver, not to mention the ultra unit scale soldiers pathing AI makes then do fine maneuvers very poorly. Usually I play on medium unit scale, but I had this idea. It would also balance out those 1 village factions that have 2 full stacks standing on their settlement for the whole game because it's a pain in the ass to take. If they were small unit scale they would have less men than a single full stack of a big imperial army.

    I don't know if the coding even makes this possible though.

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    Default Re: [Request] Progressive unit scale

    It would be nice but that's not possible at all.

    The only thing you can do is to prepare custom packs with different men number for every unit and then switch packs (exiting an reloading the game) when you feel it's the correct time, although I don't know what will happen with existing units, if they will be locked to their previous number or if they would start to replenish.

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    When you increase a unit-size and load your savegame it won't show on existing units. You'll only get the new unit size when training new units.

    As for bodyguards, you disband them - then re-recruit the same bodyguard. Those will then get the new unit size on re-recruitment.
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    In theory you could make all new units for every faction for each reform tier (they wouldn't be able to upgrade). Then you could have them with different sizes. It would be a lot of work and also be a big performance problem.

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