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    Dear forum,

    I'm looking for an AOR unit: highly armored swords (for rosters that don't have them). Do any exist?

    Thank you.

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    Hello mate,

    I personally really like such a unit from Thrace. I think they are called Cardina Orca and I believe at least as Macedon they are not locked behind any reform. They have around 70 armor, wich is consider very heavy and elite stats. I really like to throw them to enemy lines as shock inf (they have good armor penetration) but they can hold their own if you want them as main line inf. Amazing stats and 70 armor will give you an alternative and barbaric thorax sword unit.

    Out of couriosity, whith what faction you are needing swords?

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    Besides the Scordisci Elites mentioned above, there are also Massalian Thorax Swords in Massalia area AoR and Libyan Heavy Infantry in Africa. There are also a kind of high attack, high armor, low defense equivalent called Scythian Warriors in Bosporus . Otherwise I believe both Anatolia & somewhere in Gaul have Chosen Swords which are more or less the same unit as Thorax swords.

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    Iberia...loricati, thou i also prefere the scordisci

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    Perhaps mercenary italian swords? Macedonian white shields are another possiblity, or selucid equivalents.

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    I never found scordici elites to really perform as well as their stats suggested they should. I think with their heavy armor and medium ap damage they’re good at grinding through though opponents, but they aren’t effective shock troops. I’ve actually found the galatian chosen swords to be a bit more versatile and get more kills quickly on the flanks.

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