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Saka Rauka
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    Please I need help. Iím doing very well playing Saka Rauka until the rebellion event was triggered. The problem is I canít figure out how to maintain control or at least properly reclaim camps during revolt. Itís so frustrating that I think itís impossible. For cities, I have no problem. Camps on the other hand is just silly. I canít lower the taxes, garrison is capped at 25% I think even if I full stack it with units; I even cleared the rebels during the same turn that they spawned; I tried to use my leader with max influence and almost max at anything else with very good traits and retinues. Nothing works with camps!!!! Itís so frustrating. I tried to reclaim it and enslave the entire populace. The same. I tried to reclaim it and have a client ruler instead, the same. Itís like the public order is STUCK at 51%! So thereís the never ending revolt. What am I doing wrong? Itís like the only choice is to abandon the camps, and I find it unacceptable considering how I united the tribes one heroic victory after another...this seemingly unstoppable rebellion feels so forced. Please help. Thanks!

    Iím playing at VH btw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fredamora View Post
    (...) I tried to reclaim it and have a client ruler instead, the same. (...)

    Iím playing at VH btw.
    I havn't play this version yet but I played a lot with Saka before : this faction is quite broken IMHO, with it's way to try to force you to an unique way of handling the faction, with no alternative whatsoever. It was to a point that it was no more possible to recruit footmen nor locals because "only ruler class was existing in those political situations", as if recruiting local cheap people was not possible.
    But maybe it changed since back then and maybe my perception is wrong too.
    Maybe your problem is due to a bug or maybe it is due to the political situation where you just simply can't hold the thing because historically it wasn't possible.

    Anyway, in the quoted part, you mention that you tried client ruler. I see you are new to the forum so I have a question for you to make sure that it doesn't come from there :

    When you use a client ruler political building, do you use a "client ruler" "general" too ? Do you let it in the camp one turn so he can become the client ruler of that camp ?

    Because if you don't do that you will have rebellion that's quite true.

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