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Thread: New to modding, general queries (I've read the guides)

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    Default New to modding, general queries (I've read the guides)

    Hi all,

    So this is the first time I've tinkered with anything in a TW game, I've used a few combinations of a couple of guides to try and get up to speed and have had some success, only I've got stuck on a few points and don't know if it's a case of whether or not these things just can't be done the way I want, or whether I'm too stupid to do them .

    If anyone could weigh in on any of these, they're more just observations or points where I've become stuck:

    Setting the scene: I thought I would make some minor model modifications to an existing Legendary (kinda) lord - The Red Duke. Namely, change him into a dual wielder, which I've done, but just a few things are puzzling me:

    1.) Is it possible to make only very specific additions to a data table in TW? For example, I had to create a new fragment in my mod for land_units_tables, sp that I could change the animation (The Red Duke was previously set to use a 1h/shield animation). Thing is, this table seems to control lots of other combat stats. I play with SFO, so my values here will be different to someone who doesn't. Can I specifically only alter the "man_animation" column, or is my table change now only "compatible" with SFO? I've potentially changed the balance of a characters statistics when all I wanted to do was change an animation...

    2.) Is it possible to change a portrait for an existing Legendary Lord? I followed this excellent guide - combined with checking out how other mods achieve the same but I couldn't get the portrait change to be reflected in game. It seemed to me things were setup correctly but the old Red Duke portrait was being loaded. I could get the portrait to show a blue "?" if I changed all of the filenames in my attempted override. I wasn't sure if my .png file was in the correct format? I basically just exported a screenshot I had trimmed in GIMP to a specific size (164x164 seemed to be the correct one) to create a 2D portrait image.

    3.) This one is the opposite of the issue I faced in point number 1.) - Creating a fragment for the ui_unit_bullet_point_unit_overrides table only added to the existing bullet points (which makes sense, I see why that happens) but in this case I wanted to create a whole new set. Can this be achieved? I can see how the only way would be to create a new unit_key but at that point I'm not really editing the existing Red Duke anymore right?

    Sorry for the long post... There is no TLR version!

    Any help would be awesome, I'm more just curious.


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    Default Re: New to modding, general queries (I've read the guides)

    1) No,you need to alter the full row. But at least if you put only one row, you won't change the others...

    2) If you replace the image it should work. What portrait? In campaign set up? In campaign? battle?

    3) You can add a new bullet line. To "replace" lines with something , you have two options.
    a) Create a new unit... Quite overkill
    b) Replace the whole table, where you remove the lines you don't want...

    Yes, neither of these solutions is really good.

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