Hi here is the issues that I have and can't find any solutions for, hope somebody got a way for this.

1. Animation_table.animpack can't open it, in anyway. I want to drag files out of it.
I have tried everything regarding this compressed file. The only way I can get a file out of it, is to hex it and the copy the hole binary code out for every file and make a new file but this is extreme to do with all the files in it.

2. Groupformations.bin anybody have a way to get this open?

3 some .anim files is not able to open in unity or any other program for that sake. Error I get is that the files version no. Is newer then the unity I use. Makes no sense using the newest on.

So anybody here have any success with this?

And trust me I have searched the crap out of Google for good solutions.

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