Northern Cyprus is recognised only by Turkey, a country which facilitates many of its contacts with the international community. After declaring independence from the Republic of Cyprus, Northern Cyprus' relations with the rest of the world were further complicated by a series of United Nations resolutions which declared its independence legally invalid.

Once again. Northern Cyprus is not recognised by anyone but Turkey, and there is good reason for that, which is the best interests of the international community (ie the international community does NOT wish to encourage or facilitate war as a method of annexing territory or declaring independent states). Consequently, the entity of "Northern Cyprus" cannot have an EEZ. And of course Turkey has absolutely no business stepping in. In fact, the only thing that Turkey is succeeding in, is demonstrating beyond the shadow of a doubt that "Northern Cyprus" is just a puppet entity of Turkey.
It is not my opinion or alhoon's opinion that "Northern Cyprus" cannot have an EEZ, it is the opinion of the international community. And that cannot be changed by Turkey. Tough luck, maybe Turkey should have though better before launching a land grab. Now, Turkey has to support this entity, without getting any strategic resources in return.
Unless, of course Turkey wishes to confront countries such as the US and France, which have interests in the oil reserves of Cyprus, Turkey would do well to keep its "Fatih" away from the area, lest a "terrible accident" occurs. .