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Thread: Bavaria unites Germany instead of Prussia

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    Prussia was rightful dissolved after WW II.
    By your standards, every country would be "rightfully dissolved". And where would that lead us? Face it, Prussia wasn't better or worse than other places. Prussia wasn't the main reason behind National Socialism, there is no predestined path that leads from Prussia to the Nazis. You'll never get anywhere with a moralistic or teleological view of history, except inflicting misery onto yourself and others.

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    The Prussian territories may have provided a lot of electoral support for the Nazi party in its second stage of aspiration to power (1930-1933) but its leadership during the 19th century show enlightened treatment of Jews. The Metternichian settlement saw a lot of Napoleonic social reforms reversed but with waves of revolts on the 1830's, 1848 etc a lot of rights were reclaimed for ordinary Germans, and Prussia pragmatically guaranteed quite a progressive regime especially compared to backward Tsarist and Hapsburg states whop repressed free thought in vain.

    I imagine Bavaria was more socially conservative than Prussia in the 19th century? I know they adopted Napoleonic tolerance (but not representative government) during the First Empire, but IIRC there was a strong militant Catholic political faction. Its likely any dominant Bavaria would either have to eradicate or harness this political element (as they did during the Thirty years War as head of the Catholic League).

    Bavaria of course has a tradition of insane baroque and other fanciful palaces and might have contributed a richer artistic culture to their version of Germany. Maybe they were hoping for a "Wonders Victory"?
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