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Thread: Need a game developer for online shalimar game

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    Default Need a game developer for online shalimar game

    Hello Friends,

    I have a website to display the results of a local game in our area. It called shalimar game.
    We display this game result every day on my website. So I want to engage my site visitors,
    I'm thinking to make an online flash game on the same pattern as in our local area.
    The pattern of this game is ludo based. So If you know any flash games developer you can mention or mention any place where I can find this kind of developer. I will discuss the full idea with the programmer.
    I should also execute on mobile devices. So design of the game should be responsive.
    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Need a game developer for online shalimar game

    flash has been dead for some time and you should need HTML canvas or WebGL, dunno about audio.

    You're from India? Why not try some local job board? Here the modders write mostly game engine specific scripts and contents, not web frontend stuff especially the graphics related programming.

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