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Thread: [Award] Iskar for Phalera

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    Default [Award] Iskar for Phalera

    Shall Iskar be awarded Phalera?

    Quote Originally Posted by Abdülmecid I View Post
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Dear fellow citizens, I would like to present you another fine candidate for the award of Phalera, Iskar. In my opinion, Iskar is a truly invaluable member of the Total War Center community, whose academic-quality posts always contribute decisively to the progress of a political debate, the enrichment of a philosophical discussion and the answer to a scientific question. His vocabulary, tone and arguments are marked eloquence, politeness and intelligence, respectively, as Iskar never hesitates to address the point directly, in a rather civil manner, without however showing any mercy to logical fallacies and various misconceptions. Below, in order to illustrate my position, I cite several of Iskar's exemplary comments, ranging from pilgrimage and trigonometry to Empedocles and Plato. In other instances, Iskar explains modern political aspects, Descartes' line of thinking, Pascal's wager, collectivism, dual citizenship, secularism and Neo-Nazism in Karl-Marx-Stadt. After, he seems rather interested in social justice, while he has also clarified issues concerning Russel's paradox, abortion, Brexit, decline of religiosity, relativism, proselytism and sociology. However, despite his clear preference for philosophy, ethics and theology, matters such as nationhood, right to independence, nationalism, mass effect and even baby Hitler have not evaded his attention. On the other hand, there is no doubt that logic, theology and ontology are some of his favourite subjects for discussion, although I personally enjoyed his doubts about water's memory. I should also add his observations about Peterson, taxes, German elections, robotics, statehood, immigration and evolution. Last but not least, it should be noted that I didn't conduct an exhaustive research of the entirety of Iskar's involvement in the Discussion and Debate fora (especially the Mudpit and Vestigia Vetustatis were remarkably more difficult to navigate through) and that in many of the linked threads, only the initial post was cited, despite Iskar continuing to converse with his interlocutor about the subject at hand. For example, I am personally a passionate fan of the dialogues about lizards performing miracles and Hillary grilling in low-temperature nefarious human feelings.Therefore, given all his stellar activity in the D&D segment of the site, I believe that Iskar definitely deserves to have his efforts awarded with the Phalera medal.
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    Default Re: [Award] Iskar for Phalera


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    Default Re: [Award] Iskar for Phalera

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    Default Re: [Award] Iskar for Phalera

    this is of


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    Default Re: [Award] Iskar for Phalera

    Missed this initially, but am glad to make it here in time to vote.

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    Default Re: [Award] Iskar for Phalera


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    Default Re: [Award] Iskar for Phalera

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    Default Re: [Award] Iskar for Phalera

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    Default Re: [Award] Iskar for Phalera

    I missed the nomination thread, but I'm glad I found the vote thread just in time before it get closed.


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    Default Re: [Award] Iskar for Phalera

    The Vote has passed 24-0-3, congratulations Iskar!

    Moving to archive
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