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Thread: Should hate be a crime?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyclops View Post
    Poor quality OP with non sequiturs and strawmen? We need a "worst thread of the fortnight" comp for this stuff.

    Flaming troll is flaming. Selective quoting is as weaksauce trolling as it gets.

    Weaksauce argument dies from its own inability to breathe.

    Most "hatecrime laws" (a lazy shorthand because politicians) are laws against incitement to act violently. That's not a feeling, its an action.
    That does not appear to be the standard in Australia.

    Section 18C of the RDA makes it is unlawful for a person to do an act in public if it is reasonably likely to "offend, insult, humiliate or intimidate" a person of a certain race, colour or national or ethnic origin, and the act was done because of one or more of those characteristics.[10][11]

    Exemptions are provided in section 18D, including acts relating to artistic works, genuine academic or scientific purposes, fair reporting, and fair comment on matters of public interest.
    Wikipedia cited numerous example of people just stating opinions, not calling for some imminent violent action, and then being prosecuted

    I would rather we deal honestly and openly with opinions and ideas which we disagree, bringing to the light of day so they can be examined so we can determine the reasons and motivations for it without fear. Hate speech laws encourage the opposite. It shuts down debate and victory goes to the side that accuses the other of hate first.

    In the case of Jerusalem, it may be fairly argued that Jerusalem shouldn't be the capital because of all the baggage of the Palestine-Israel conflict. It is also true that plenty of people who simply hate Jews would say Jerusalem should not be Israel's capital. If hating Jews is a crime then I don't need to listen to any argument. I can criminalize everyone who disagrees.
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