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Thread: horses with broken legs

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    no clue ?

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    i downloaded your mod and try it first i ctd and then i changed a little the battle_model file and then it worked,look at the winrar file

    ps;but your mod is still ctd on the custom battles,you still have not got the wright animation folder and skeketon text file for the marka horses
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    ps2;i have tryed the animation folder and the descr_skeleton text file for fa and it worked,but i do not known if they work for all of your uints;download link;!9ZIxFYhb!BrJPKH3rN...Wn0iS6TeeO_14w

    just replace them with the other onnces but backup your older files.

    sorry for double post!

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    I've copied all the files you gave me and the game starts normally but the horses have still broken legs :/

    Did it worked in your version?

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    yes it worked for me,i can check it again

    yes it works for me with the version you gave one page 1
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    how ?

    here is the mod with your modifications:

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    but your version got a different animation folder and descr_skeleton text in your data folder,try the link i gave from mega(post #23) and download their the animation folder and the descr_skeleton text file and replace it with the other one(backup,save your older files)

    if you want other animation then you can download them from a different mod,your descr_mount file seems too be ok for the marka horses

    and sorry for mine bad english

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    I did as you said. But when I want to select the unit the game crashes...

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    i have uploaded the whole version of your mod so check it,it is the unit hobilers?if so then it schould work on this version?

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    I really can't explain it... I've downloaded & copied the whole mod and stil havethe same error when I select the hobilers (english "House of Anjou" faction)

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    Default Re: horses with broken legs

    When you chose a spesific unit and game crashes the problerm lies in the EDU list.
    Check the spelling of the unit and the spelling of the unit models in the upgrades entry of that unit.
    the unit name in bmdb and in EDU (Export Desribe Unit) must be the same.
    If in bmdb the unit uses a model named hobilers and in EDU you write Hobilars then you have a CTD because the game search the bmdb and finds nothing! The two names have equal number of letters and that is why you do not have a CTD in the start.
    But when you select the unit you have a CTD....
    Our unit Scutatoi have 3 upgrades = 4 models.
     8 Scutatoi 
      1 1 
      56 unit_models/_Units/byzantine/scutatoi/scutatoi_lod0.mesh 6400 
      9 byzantium 
     12 Scutatoi_ug1 
      1 1 
      60 unit_models/_Units/byzantine/scutatoi/scutatoi_ug1_lod0.mesh 6400 
      9 byzantium 
     12 Scutatoi_ug2 
      1 1 
      60 unit_models/_Units/byzantine/scutatoi/scutatoi_ug2_lod0.mesh 6400 
      9 byzantium 
     12 Scutatoi_ug3 
      1 1 
      60 unit_models/_Units/byzantine/scutatoi/scutatoi_ug3_lod0.mesh 6400 
      9 byzantium 
    CAUTION those 4 model entries REFER TO ONE (1) UNIT named Scutatoi that have 3 armor upgrades. They are NOT 4 units.
    Here is the unit's EDU ENTRY

    type             Scutatoi
    dictionary       Scutatoi      ; Scutatoi
    category         infantry
    class            spearmen
    voice_type       Light
    accent           Mediterranean
    banner faction   main_spear
    banner holy      crusade
    soldier          Scutatoi, 60, 0, 1
    officer          roman_officer
    officer          scutatoi_b 
    mount_effect     horse +1
    attributes       sea_faring, hide_forest, can_withdraw, free_upkeep_unit
    move_speed_mod   1.05
    formation        1.2, 1.2, 2.4, 2.4, 5, square, shield_wall
    stat_health      1, 0
    stat_pri         6, 1, no, 0, 0, melee, melee_blade, piercing, spear, 20, 0.6
    ;stat_pri_ex      0, 0, 0
    stat_pri_attr    spear, spear_bonus_4
    stat_sec         0, 0, no, 0, 0, no, melee_simple, blunt, none, 25, 1
    ;stat_sec_ex      0, 0, 0
    stat_sec_attr    no
    stat_pri_armour  6, 3, 4, leather
    ;stat_armour_ex   0, 4, 5, 7, 1, 6, 6, flesh
    stat_sec_armour  0, 0, flesh
    stat_heat        2
    stat_ground      3, -1, 1, 0
    stat_mental      6, normal, trained
    stat_charge_dist 30
    stat_fire_delay  0
    stat_food        60, 300
    stat_cost        1, 310, 110, 75, 60, 310, 4, 70
    armour_ug_levels 0, 1, 2, 3
    armour_ug_models Scutatoi, Scutatoi_ug1, Scutatoi_ug2, Scutatoi_ug3
    ownership        byzantium, byz_reb, slave
    era 0            byzantium, byz_reb, slave
    era 1            byzantium, byz_reb, slave
    era 2            byzantium, byz_reb, slave
    ;unit_info        5, 0, 7
    Watch carefully the name of the unit (that must be same ALSO in desc_units.txt in text folder- in red color) and also watch carefully that the 4 upgrades in EDU (dark blue) use THE EXACT NAME of the bmdb ENTRIES (ALSO IN BLUE).
    That way the game will know which model will load in a battle!
    EDIT: If stevietheconquer is right and you avoided to SIMPLY COPY PASTE 2 folders and a file plus change an entry then you do not make attaention to our advices and you wait others to do your work for you.
    Read what we post FOR YOU carefully.
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    if it wants to be considered as a great one, to be able to fight.
    Even without hope of winning. Just because it has to.
    Greek War motto.
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    "Spartans do not ask how many (enemies are) but where they are"!
    XXI Armored Brigade's motto.
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    Default Re: horses with broken legs

    Stevietheconquer uploaded the whole mod for me. The only thing I have to do is to copy the whole folder in my "mods" directory. That is what I did. But I still get the same error.
    This is what I don't understand...!ZAQVhATQ!CjQ8jgC2_...hSmw8BJfQS16kY

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    Default Re: horses with broken legs

    this is very strange as it is working for me
    i do not known why, i have just check it again and it works with me on mine pc,maybe there is something wrong when you copy it,just replace the one with the othe(and not copy over them),but backup your older version),others i do not known why.

    when you have an error when you select a mount unit then you have not the wright animations in your mod for the marka mount,so you did not replace the animation files(maybe when you copy them they do not replace the older files),others it will never ctd on select the hobilars unit.

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    Default Re: horses with broken legs

    IT WORKED )))

    thank you very much !!!

    (I'd copied over the files. After replacing them it worked fine)
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    Default Re: horses with broken legs

    Short notice: As long as you do not rebuild the pack/skeleton files the descr_skeleton.txt has no effect

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