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Original Thread: [SS 6.3 AAR] Primus Inter Pares - The Kievan Rus *COMPLETED* (w/ Behind the Scenes and a video trailer)

[AAR M2TW: Primus Inter Pares - The Kievan Rus ]
Primus inter pares, meaning “the first among equals” described the Grand Prince of the Kievan Rus well in the 12th century. He was the actual ruler only when he was able to exercise his power via his military. Also, the “prince” title was carried on among the descendants even if they had no real power, providing endless opportunities for political intrigues and family infight. From the 12th century the Kievan Rus has declined and became fragmented, especially after the Mongols sacked Kiev in 1241. We’ll see if I can get some alternative history going.

I plan this to be a longer AAR than the Chronicle of a Hungarian Freeman. Its focus will be more extensive too. But this also means that I’ll probably have a bit shorter and less frequent updates (about 4-6 per month depending on my RL schedule).

The setup is the usual: SS 6.3, Early Era, Savage AI, Longer assimilation, H/H (I’m still a casual player ).

Happy reading everybody!

NEW Video trailer

Table of contents

Book I.

Prelude: Twenty years ago
1. Of neighbors and rebels
2. The Black Sea
3. The exile from Novgorod
4. The road to Azaq
5. Trouble in the west
6. The mountains of Transylvania
7. Succession
8. "With Fire and Sword" I.
9. "With Fire and Sword" II.
10. The frontiers of the Rus
11. War on the steppes
12. Fathers and sons
13. The Veil of Veronica
14. Princes and assassins
15. Reunion
16. The forest of ghosts
17. Vilnius
18. Brothers in arms
19. The new Grand Prince
20. The icy graves of Lithuania

Book II.

21. The Miloslavich diary
22. The Oath of Zhirovit
23. Revenge
24. New enemies
25. The Caucasus
26. Winter in Poland
27. The schemes of Yurii Yaroslavich
28. Enough blood spilled
29. The siege of Baku
30. Family matters
31. The riches of the east
32. Yaropolk the Conqueror
33. Like father, like son
34. Fog of war
35. The raid on Astrakhan
36. Soldiers of the black cross
37. Where the waves break
38. The soldier
39. The cleric
40. The lost brother

Book III.

41. Baptism of fire
42. The Catholic Prince
43. Reclaiming the Holy Land
44. Fever
45. The siege of Sarkel
46. Fighting the Horde
47. A Scandinavian affair
48. Dark days in Novgorod
49. The man from Tbilisi
50. The fall of Baku
51. Grim tidings
52. Under one banner
53. Frozen plains
54. Lovers and leaders
55. Warm winter
56. United in Christ no more
57. In the spirit of the fathers
58. The enemy within
59. The road to Kiev
60. Darkness

Epilogue - The Rus is the light

Appendix: Final family tree and character biographies (don't read it before reading the story)
Behind the scenes: The making of Primus Inter Pares