I have watched some very interesting YouTube videos which appear to show awesome game play relating to the Isandlwana & Rourke's Drift battles. I have purchased NTW and played through all the campaigns which was immensely enjoyable. So when I saw the videos relating to this mod, my immediate reaction was "I want some of this".

Well, several downloads and many hours later I am very very disappointed. I have downloaded the "orient_manual_install.zip" archive file and followed the INSTALL.txt instructions. The game initially loads with the Pirate/Skull image and the game loads "ok" with the dark blue video playing in the background. So far so good. I navigate to "Play Land battles" and there is the long list of battles. Again so far so good. However, when I select "Rourke's Drift" and load it, I get a weird army setup screen. It presents me on the left commanding an Austrian Army and CPU1 on the right commanding (if memory serves) a British Army. Well, I sort that chaos out pdq using drop downs on the left and right. But now, for my British Army, I have 3 brigades of cavalry, 2 batteries of artillery and countless infantry. Hmm. Not the historic order of battle. Even worse awaits me when I try and set up the Zulu army. By clicking aimlessly around I suddenly get Cetyshwayo plus some other unknown Zulu commander presented to me and on clicking on Cetyshwayo I get....nothing.

I feel like I am now in a real "WTF" moment. Anyway, I click the "tick" button hoping that all will come right on the night. And indeed, I am confronted by a very dark "night" screen, and my hundreds on British Infantry, Cavalry & Artillery. The scenery looks like out of a low resolution Minecraft scene and I'm thinking: Really?? ...Seriously??

I'm obviously going about all this in completely the wrong manner, but blowed if I can work out what to do to gain the awesome deliciousness of what I saw in the videos.

Please can someone help out a frustrated and very disillusioned old man.