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    Default Swaeft's Scribblings

    Larger Scribbles Welcome, one and all to TWC's most infamous writer's repository of AARs!

    That is, if AAR actually stood for Abandoned and Rejected. That's right! This user has started and abandoned not one, not two, not three, but FOUR AARs! (Five if you want to lump my brother's one in) That has got to be a record!

    In all seriousness though, I do not have a library as illustrious or wide ranging as most of the other users, this is more of a place for me to store links to my writings, heh. Do browse around for the other archives in this subforum, and if you're looking for a place to start I can tell you with certainty that Kilo11's World of Words is one of the better ones. Anyway, if you so happen to decide to peruse one of the abandoned or ongoing AARs, here are the links.

    Also, I do need to apologize if you decide to read some of my earlier AARs, the image hosting site I used, imageshack, went pay to use and I wasn't there to backup my screenshots, so I lost over a thousand screenshots!! Yes..that sucked, but what sucked even more was my AARs becoming long walls of texts. There's nothing I love more in an AAR than a brilliant screenshot (other than the writing of course, that always comes first), so it was a really big blow for me, please accept my humble apology

    Change Log

    (14/1/19) Added reviews from The Critics' Quill to some of the AARs. Check the reviews out, they're a great summary if you're deciding whether or not to read the AARs.

    (10/1/19) Removed more contentboxes and added Cookiegod's Of Wolves and Prey to the reading list. Sorry! (And update the damn thing )

    (7/1/19) Removed a lot of unnecessary content boxes, replaced them with links, much better. Removed Skotos of Sinopes' AAR from the future reading list (really sorry, I am a little squeezed for time lately and I don't want to make false promises!), might put it back a month or two from now. Added the correct signature for the Picture of the Week Competition forum.

    (6/1/19) I had to install firefox to use the Go Advanced button. Changed the fieldset for the must read list to a content box, since I think people would prefer to choose what to read instead of scrolling down to find everything. Also this means I should make a content page soon if I keep adding stuff. Anyway, added the 'cool places to check out' portion and am thinking of adding a 'little more about myself' section with music tastes, fav games and stuff like that. Centralized the Ongoing Projects fieldset, and shifted the must read list to the bottom of the page.

    (4/1/19) Curses, I still can't click go advanced. What gives? Anyway, added Caillagh's A Long Way from Home to the current reading list. With a heavy heart, removed Skantarious' Legacy of Skantarious from the Must Read list. Reason for that is I feel his first AAR is more striking, and I also can't have too many on the must read list.

    (3/1/19) Added Merchant's Way of the Bow to the Must Read List. Truly a Masterpiece. Added Alwyn's New Town to the currently reading list. Long overdue.

    Ongoing Projects (Stainless Steel 6.4, Medieval 2 Total War) God's Justice - Crusader States AAR

    (Skyrim) Fractured Dragon - Two AARs at once! Swaeft, you crazy!

    Abandoned and Rejected In Chronological Order:

    (M2TW) Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt - Where it all began! Take a shot every time you cringe, you'll be passed out by the prologue! - Link

    (M2TW) Guardians and Watchers - The second most cringeworthy one - Link

    (SS 6.4, M2TW) To Change our Fate: Reforging Sicily with Steel and Heart - The Anakin - Link

    (SS 6.4, M2TW) The Fire That Burned // Authored by my brother, who has since retired from TWC - Link

    (Skyrim) The Astray Apprentice - My favorite so far! - Link | Reviewed by Merchant of Venice (A thousand thank yous, really appreciate it!) in The Critics Quill Issue 38 - Link

    My Current Reading List

    I am currently reading (and am caught up with) these great stories:
    Aka The if your name is not here you're most likely going to beat me up list

    (Third Age Total War, M2TW) To Earn a Kingdom by Turkafinwe

    (Rome 2) New Town by Alwyn

    (Skyrim) A Long Way from Home by Caillagh de Bodemloze

    (M2TW Hotseat) Of Wolves and Prey by Cookiegod

    After which, I plan to read the following:
    Aka The if your name is still not here please don't send the Dark Brotherhood after me list

    (EBII, Medieval 2) Written in Sand by Kilo11

    My Own TWC Must Read List
    I've read these myself and can vouch for their wow factor, this is my TWC Must Read List:

    (Shogun 2) Takeda - A Shogun 2 AAR by Robin de Bodemloze - Link | Reviewed by Radzeer in The Critics Quill Issue 31 - Link

    (Shogun 2) The Way of the Bow by Merchant of Venice - Link | Reviewed by Hitai de Bodemloze in The Critics Quill Issue 40 - Link

    (Shogun 2) In The Light of Dusk by Tigellinus - Link | Reviewed by Merchant of Venice in The Critics' Quill Issue 43 - Link

    (Stainless Steel, M2TW) I am Skantarios! by Skantarious - Link | Reviewed by Kallum in The Critics Quill Issue 17 - Link

    (Chivalry 2, M2TW) The Wolf Among Dogs by Radzeer - Link | Reviewed by Heiro de Bodemloze in The Critics Quill Issue 34 - Link

    (Skyrim) The Nascent Ranger by Chirurgeon - Link

    As always, this is a very sensitive issue, so here is my disclaimer which I learned how to write by studying Harvard Law (Disclaimer in a disclaimer, I didn't go the Harvard Law): This is only my opinion, you'd do the authors much more justice if you went to read their works yourself and form your own opinion on their writings! The Writer's Study is a criminally under-read subforum, and authors often appreciate comments and criticism, feel free to give it to them!

    Cool Places to Visit

    Aka the 'Man this place is boring - oh look other stuff!' list

    If you decide not to read AARs, but don't want to leave here empty handed, here are some more places for you to check out:

    The Critic's Quill - For any aspiring AAR author (AARtists as I like to say), this is a must read page! It contains a treasure trove of information immensely helpful to any writer, and is pretty great for casual reading as well. A very useful publication - props to the people running it!

    The Front Page - For all the latest news and information you could ever want!

    The Screenshot Galleries, Picture of the Week and Video of the Month competitions - I'm pretty sure many of you love in game graphics, and sometimes pause to take a screenshot. Here you can find the Picture of the Week competition (that I strongly encourage you to enter) and the libraries of other great screenshot artists!

    Thanks Flinn for the signatures!

    Links for myself because I am lazy:

    Critic's Quill (Log Book) | (Past Editions)
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    Default Re: Swaeft's Scribblings

    Added changelog and shifted some titles around.

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    I'm digging the library, and it's a super cool idea to have a "reading list" there of things you liked or want to check out! Very community-oriented move, and the communitarian in me approves

    I must say though, I am a bit hurt that you've not gotten into my AAR yet .... Nah, just kidding. And I remember comments from you on my AAR, so that can't be entirely true. Are you reading it again, or are you not all caught up yet?
    | Kilo11's Library
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    | My Ongoing Creative Writing
    | Community Creative Writing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kilo11 View Post
    I'm digging the library, and it's a super cool idea to have a "reading list" there of things you liked or want to check out! Very community-oriented move, and the communitarian in me approves

    I must say though, I am a bit hurt that you've not gotten into my AAR yet .... Nah, just kidding. And I remember comments from you on my AAR, so that can't be entirely true. Are you reading it again, or are you not all caught up yet?
    Yo Kilo, thanks for the kind comments! I wanted to have a reading list since forever, but I couldn't think of a place to put it, but now that I finally got around to organize this scribbling area, I can slot it in.

    You know what they say, behind every 'just kidding' lies a hint of truth...just kidding Yes I definitely owe your AAR some patronage (can't use that term lightly around here, never know who's watching ), please accept my humble apologies, though I'm not sure it's worth much anymore, I think this is the third or fourth time I've apologized to you. I've just been so busy over the past 2 months, and writing that skyrim AAR was a conundrum for me, if I decided to do it I would have to make sure I didn't abandon it, so I focused a lot on writing instead of reading.

    Although there is always light at the end of the tunnel, all I have left to read now is Caillagh's Skyrim AAR, then I promise you I shall stop by and lap up whatever writing goodness you have left on your thread It may take a few days to a week (I don't see it going more than that, I'm quite free for this period), so there's that.

    Oh oh to answer your question I remember what I read from last year (no that's not a new years joke) but I will probably re-read the whole thing just to be sure.

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    Changed the formatting and updated the changelog

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    Default Re: Swaeft's Scribblings

    Lovely corner you have here Swaeft with scribblings as far as the eye can see. Looks mighty fine to me.

    *looks around*

    Oh and I see a picture of myself in here! What did I do to deserve such an honour. Thanks very much!

    EDIT: btw love the idea of a changelog
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    Hey Turk!

    Thank you! I'm a little confused though, where did I put that picture of yours? I can't seem to find it.

    Yeah, about the change log, I change things up very often because of the design (if I don't like it, it'll have to go, and right now I'm thinking I have too many content boxes). So I thought it would be nice to log the changes, both for myself and others to see.

    Thanks for stopping by!
    Last edited by Swaeft; January 06, 2019 at 12:53 PM. Reason: No reason, just wanted Turk to feel better that he edited his post 3 times *sneaky grin*

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    Shifted more titles around and edited the OP. Updated change log, as always.

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    Updated! Removed contentboxes and changed reading list

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    Added links to reviews (how could I forget?) for my TWC Must Read List and The Astray Apprentice.

    That is not to say those without reviews aren't as good, just that those with reviews have the reviewers to thank for doing so!

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