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    Default ahowl11's VE Mod (Main Discussion) v8 Nomads on the Horizon

    Hello! I bring to you the first version of my mod that will enhance the vanilla experience!
    My goals for this mod are:
    1) Keep vanilla look and feel intact
    2) Keep Vanilla factions, but enhance them and fix historical inaccuracies
    3) Make a better, well rounded game
    4) Add immersion without killing original feel.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The main things added in this version are:
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    An extended east map, so that Parthia, Seleucid and Scythia can have a better starting position.

    The Bugfixer mod by player1, located here
    All Factions mod by Hader, located here
    Elements from Darthmod such as formations and unit stats
    New Animations by Signifierone, Prometheus and Alin
    Formatted to work on the Alexander expansion to incorporate all of it's features
    Many small fixes found in the credit list!

    To Install, simply extract HRTW into your Rome Total War Directory, or if you use steam, your Rome Total War Alexander Directory. when making a shortcut, include this: -show_err -mod:HRTW
    v1.0 Features and Credits
    -Vanilla map extended east to incorporate Parthia and Persia. Better starting positions for Parthia and the Seleucids. Also two regions, one in Caledonia (Scotland), and the other in eastern Arabia are included.
    --10 Regions Added in Total, complete with resources, and mercenary pools.
    -Darthmod Unit Stats and Sizes
    -Darthmod formations
    -Got rid of Wardogs, Incendiary Pigs, Screeching Women and Arcani
    -Added officers and standard bearers to all eligible units, including cavalry. Complete with new animations.
    - Fixed Grain Bug
    -Added Bug Fixer mod by player1
    -Added All Factions mod by Hader
    -Added the following fixes to units from Medusa0
    --Cilician Pirate throws Harpoon
    --Town Watch Shield Bug fixed
    -- Julii Hastati & Principes have Shoulder Pads like other Roman families
    -Added new animations made by Signifierone, Prometheus and Alin
    --Roman Infantry fight properly
    --Phalangites use two hands
    --Hoplites fight overhand and use different formation
    --Cavalry have different poses depending on their weapon
    --Archers and horse archers use bows correctly
    --Javelinmen fire at a faster rate
    -Fixed Rebel Strat Banners so they reflect the correct culture
    -Made mod compatible with Alexander.

    Thank you for helping me:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Tired of playing vanilla with Bronze Age Egyptians? Well, the problem has been solved!
    In this edition of my enhancement mod, I focused almost exclusively on remaking Egypt into the Ptolemaic Empire. It is a must when you are trying to enhance the vanilla game, and quite frankly I'd like this to be pretty historical, not a blend of fantasy and history, or a time-warp.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The Ptolemaic Phalanx awaits orders

    With this version, you will receive the following:
    -ReallyBad AI script for battles (this is largely untested, but it has popular demand in the community, because apparently it does a good job of making battles harder. I'll be testing myself, but please give feedback on it!)

    *To activate the script, when the campaign starts, select a settlement, then click on the advisor. Then check your treasury to make sure that 1 denarius has been added to your treasury. If you exit out to start/load another campaign, before you do, click the '?' button in the menu and it will terminate the script. Otherwise you'll need to restart the game!*

    - Egypt completely overhauled to Ptolemaic Empire. From the units, to the culture, names, sounds, and icons, there is nothing 'Egyptian' about this faction other than the location it starts in.

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Ptolemaic Egypt with new General/Captain designs

    - 3 New Settlements: Hippo Regius, Aleria, and Iconium. The first two are for Carthage and the latter is for the Seleucids.
    - New Greek Officer for all Greek factions, including the Rebels.
    - Rebels now have a Greek Standard Bearer
    - Militia Hoplites now have shirts!
    - Historical Battle of Raphia updated to accommodate Ptolemies

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Example: Vanilla Unit - New Unit
    Tier 1: Nubian Spearmen - Militia Hoplites
    Tier 2: Nile Spearmen - Levy Pikemen
    Tier 3: Desert Axemen - Phalanx Pikemen
    Tier 4: Pharaoh's Guards - Royal Pikemen
    Tier 1: Slingers & Skirmishers - Peltasts
    Tier 2: Bowmen - Archers
    Tier 3: Pharaoh's Bowmen & Onagers - Onagers
    Tier 4: Heavy Onagers - Heavy Onagers
    Tier 1: Desert Cavalry - Militia Cavalry
    Tier 2: Nubian Cavalry - Greek Cavalry
    Tier 3: Nile Cavalry & Camel Archers - Companion Cavalry & War Elephants
    Tier 1: Egyptian Chariots - N/A
    Tier 2: Egyptian Chariot Archers - N/A
    Tier 1: Bireme - Bireme
    Tier 2: Trireme - Trireme
    Tier 3: N/A - Quinquereme
    Pre-Marian: Egyptian Chariots - Greek Cavalry
    Post-Marian: Nile Cavalry - Macedonian Cavalry
    Tier 1-6 Peasants (Egyptian) - Peasants (Greek)

    The new Ptolemaic Unit Roster (excluding Peasants, who are campaign only)

    My main source for unit textures and unit cards was from the mod 'The Hellenic States' or 'THS' made by comrade_general. Other units were redone by my good friend Lanjane. The officer, is from a Russian mod, Barbarians Revenge, they have done an amazing job with their units.
    The 3 new cities were taken from the Vanilla Balance Mod, made by Barbarossa82 on
    The ReallyBadAI Script was made by Germanicu5 and it was intended for M2TW. Again, this is experimental, I am not sure how it will work with RTW.
    I want to thank uanime5 for everything he does to help, Lanjane for his amazing art skills, suppanut for his mapping genius, comrade_general for all things re-coloring, and my friends on slack who give feedback, advice and ideas.

    To Install:
    One thing that I need to be clear on, is this mod runs on the Alexander.exe not the regular Rome Total War exe. Please make sure you use an Alexander Install.
    If you have the last version of the mod, simply extract into the same location and overwrite your files. Make sure to delete the map.rwm file in HRTW/data/world/maps/base folder.
    If this is your first crack at my mod then follow these instructions:
    To Install, simply extract HRTW into your Rome Total War Directory, or if you use steam, your Rome Total War Alexander Directory. when making a shortcut, use the Alexander.exe or in steam go to Launch options and include this: -show_err -mod:HRTW

    Features listed in the forum or the latest article, once approved!


    Versions 3-7 are Located Here (Units are not part of the mod starting with v8, but all other features are in the game)

    Carried over from v3:
    - Barbarian UI from BI added to barbarian culture
    - BI buildings added to campaign and battle map. (Not activated fully, still only 3 tiers for barbarians)

    Carried over from v4:
    - Veggiemod by Robbe Aerts implemented (his work is amazing!)
    - Grain Resource re-added as it's not a bug, take advantage of it in the 6 regions it is located in!
    - Phalanx bugs fixed.. they are more cohesive and men don't slide backwards and glitch out
    - Redid Fatigue.. All heat modifiers based on the vanilla -2 - 5 scale, and all units have either hardy or very_hardy. This is a better solution to turning fatigue completely off
    - Mercenary Peltasts now have Peltast skin in mercenary color. Illyrian Mercenaries are back to the way they looked in vanilla.
    - New Transparent bases under settlements.. No more white patches!
    - New Strat Map Captains for each faction, thanks to crazyroman!
    - Culture Specific Battering Rams, from tutorial made by Seasoned Alcoholic
    - Towers rate of fire reduced, thanks to Robbe!
    - Peasants in Settlement viewer don't have the faction colors anymore.

    Carried over from v5:
    - Bugs from Veggiemod fixed (no more random crashes from weather, climate or day types)
    - BI traits and ancillaries from BI that fit in the RTW timeframe have been added. More will be added in future releases. Included are the UI and sounds for messages.
    - Night Battles from BI have been added fully. Some characters can fight night battles from the beginning, check it out.
    - Mercenary Peltasts have correct UI

    Carried over from v6:
    - New Barbarian City models on the map, made by Lanjane
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    New Barbarian City Models by Lanjane

    - Macedonian Cavalry units have normal unit sizes instead of unusually large sizes

    Carried over from v7:
    - New Feature: Culture. This is based off the BI religion feature and heavily influenced by XGM
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    New Feature: Culture!

    - Thracian 'Faction Destroyed' video now properly appears
    - Two new music tracks added to non roman and non barbarian campaigns. They are the Greek and Eastern intro tracks
    - Mod now runs with -noalexander. This enables intro videos to run again, so make sure you put that in your target line or the mod won't work!

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Hello and Merry Christmas!

    It has been awhile since a release, but if you have not been following, a lot has changed. In this version, all of the units that had been previously made are not included. Don't worry, eventually most of them will make it back in, and they are still available for download here if you want them.
    This version seeks to pick up from where I left off in Version 2 but also retaining all of the features that were included in versions 3-7, except Barbarians getting 5 tiers of recruitment.

    Here is what is included in v8.

    Nomadic Culture:
    This was ported straight from Barbarian Invasion, including all of the traits and ancillaries that made sense for this time frame. It was given to Scythia only, and includes a new rebel banner, new city models for the map, and new portraits.
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The Four Tiers of Nomadic Settlements

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    Some of the New Nomad Portraits

    Vanilla Balance Mod:
    This mod is located on and I have taken most of it's features and added them to v8.

    New land bridges - narrow stretches of water which can be passed by both ships and armies - have been added to the campaign map to compensate for the poor Naval invasion AI, and to promote the growth of realistic-looking empires that straddle bodies of water. The new landbridges are:

    * Strait of Gibraltar, between Baetica and Mauretania.

    * Strait of Messina, between Sicilia Romanus and Bruttium.

    * Hellespont, between Propontis and Phrygia

    * Dardanelles, between Propontis and Bithynia.
    You can now expect to see empires that take in both Greece and Asia Minor, while Carthage sometimes invades southern Italy from Sicily if the Scipii are defeated.

    * The game no longer revolves entirely around Rome, so factions' victory goals are individually tailored to their likely real-life ambitions. Whilst every faction must still conquer 50 provinces, the specific territories that must be included in those 50 now vary from faction to faction. For example the Spanish must conquer 50 provinces while ensuring that their empire includes Baetica, Taranonenis, Hispania and Celtiberia. Victory goals for the Roman families, the Gauls, the Germans and Carthage still include conquering Rome. The Successor kingdoms represented in the game - Macedonia, the Seleucid Empire and Egypt - share the goal of reuniting Alexander's empire by taking Pella, Antioch, Seleucia and Alexandria.

    * Completed text for victory and defeat screens for every faction. No more lame generic "You have won, all your people celebrate" text when playing as Numidia, Dacia etc., the victory text for these is now just as specific and stirring as for the main factions!

    * Capital of the province of Macedonia is now Pella, not Thessalonica

    * There is a bonus cheat/feature, enabling the "perfect spy". This allows the player to see details of army composition and city details as if you had a spy right next to them, no matter how far away they are. To activate, press F1 while on the campaign map to bring up the keyboard shortcuts scroll. Click on the question mark and when the advisor appears, click the "show me how" button to activate the script. You can deactivate it at any time by repeating this process. For best results, use with the fog of war off.

    * There is a bonus cheat/feature, enabling the "perfect spy". This allows the player to see details of army composition and city details as if you had a spy right next to them, no matter how far away they are. To activate, press F1 while on the campaign map to bring up the keyboard shortcuts scroll. Click on the question mark and when the advisor appears, click the "show me how" button to activate the script. You can deactivate it at any time by repeating this process. For best results, use with the fog of war off.

    * The range of names for women in the Pontic, Armenian and Thracian factions has been increased to reduce the problem of repetitive family names. In pure vanilla it has been known for a general from one of these cultures to have a wife and three daughters all with the same name! Thrace and Pontus have gained some carefully-selected and appropriate names from the Macedonian list, while Armenia has received a small number of names from the Parthian list. These are culturally appropriate and historically justifiable (at least no less historic than pure Vanilla).

    * All factions now have a public order bonus attached to the Government building in any settlement, ranging from 5% for a Governor's House to 25% for an Imperial Palace.


    * Summary: Various factions have been strengthened and weakened by having their starting denarii, starting provinces, armies, and sometimes units tweaked. This has been pretty successful in generating a balanced campaign. Carthage, the Gauls, the Germans and the Seleucids - the four big losers under pure vanilla - now usually survive to 200BC at least, and will expand to powerful empires in 30-50% of campaigns.


    * Eburacum & Deva are now ruled by rebel Britannic tribes at the start of the game. (ahowl11's version)


    * Carthago Nova lost to Carthage


    * Carthaginian empire now larger at game start, with Carthago Nova gained from Spain.
    * Starting denarii increased
    * Forces on Sicily slightly rebalanced
    * Carthage can now recruit Scutarii at a City Barracks.
    * Carthage can now recruit Archers at Lvl 2 Range
    * Carthage can now build the top level of temples (Temple Complexes) in Huge Cities.
    * Carthaginian Paved Road building card no longer shows pyramids in the background!

    Roman Families

    * Praetorian Guard now only recruitable in Rome, reducing the unrealistic Praetorian-dominated armies often seen in late game. (ahowl11's Version)
    * First Cohorts can now be recruited in each Roman family's starting capital, as well as Rome. Early Legionary Fist Cohorts can be trained at an Army Barracks and Legionary First Cohorts at an Urban Barracks in Arretium, Capua, Rome and Tarentum.

    Greek Cities

    * Diplomat moved from Sicily to Aetolia
    * Pergamum gets an extra Militia Hoplite


    * Scythed Chariots can now be recruited only from a level 2 smith and above instead of level 1.
    * Pontus can now build sewers and paved roads.

    Seleucid Empire

    * Starting denarii slightly increased
    * Sidon gained from Egypt with modest garrison
    * Some other starting garrisons increased, with a unit of cataphracts in Hatra (most nations get a "bonus late military unit" which they can't recuit, the Seleucids originally didn't).
    * Better walls around Antioch and Hatra
    * Scythed Chariots can now be recruited only from a level 2 smith and above instead of level 1
    * In one of the most successful bits of modding, removed the river crossing from the river between Armenia and Assyria, ending the Armenians' manic obsession with Hatra and greatly improving the chances of the Seleucids surviving the first 50 years.


    * Parthia can now build sewers and paved roads.


    * Shrines removed from all cities to make presence of garrison more necessary at start of game
    * Sidon lost to Seleucid Empire
    * Base farming levels of Nile provinces very slightly reduced. They still collectively constitute the world's most fertile region though.


    * Armenia can now build sewers and paved roads.


    * Garrisons of Petra, Bostra, Ancyra, Nicomedia and Apollonia increased, within reason, along with a small Judean Army near Jerusalem.


    Quite a few of the historical events found in the campaign don't actually happen as no date had been set for them. With a bit of historical research to find out when they happened, they are now back in the game. Look out for espionage in carthage and the completion of the great library at Alexandria. These have no effect on gameplay, they just restore a little flavour that CA put in and then took out for some reason.

    New Units:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    The New units in v8

    Okay so they aren't exactly 'New Units' as they are all vanilla units. However, they are all units that I felt should have been on their factions in vanilla. I also removed some units, here is the Log:

    Armenia - Gains: Eastern Light Cavalry (renamed Pontic Light Cavalry), Eastern Heavy Cavalry (renamed Pontic Heavy Cavalry) Imitation Legionaries (Armenian Legionaries name changed) *Post-Marius Unit

    Britons - Gains: Axemen, Naked Fanatics, Skirmisher Warband, Archer Warband, Barbarian Cavalry, Barbarian Warlord, Barbarian Chosen Warlord; Loses: Head Hurlers, Britich Light Chariots, Barbarian Warlord (Chariot); Changes: Woad Warrior now at lvl 2 recruitment, Naked Fanatics at lvl 3 Andrasta

    Carthage - Gains: Scutarii, Archers

    Dacia - Gains: Axemen, Bastarnae, Slingers, Skirmisher Warband, Barbarian Noble Cavalry (renamed Gothic Cavalry - Barbarian Noble Cavalry from vanilla now known as 'Barbarian Heavy Cavalry') Loses: Naked Fanatics; Changes: Bastarnae available from lvl 3 temple

    Egypt - Gains: Heavy Peltasts, Macedonian Cavalry

    Gauls - Gains: Slingers, Archer Warband, Barbarian Noble Cavalry

    Germans - Gains: Warband, Swordsmen, Chosen Swordsmen, Slingers, Archer Warband, Barbarian Noble Cavalry; Loses: Spear Warband, Naked Fanatics, Chosen Archer Warband

    Greek Cities - No changes

    Macedon - Gains: Heavy Peltasts, Militia Cavalry

    Numidia - Gains: Town Militia, Elephants, War Elephants *Numidian Legionaries Post-Marian unit now

    Parthia - Gains: Peltasts (Eastern), Cataphract Archers; Loses: War Elephants, Cataphract Camels

    Pontus - Gains: Imitation Legionaries *Post-Marius Unit; Loses: Chariot Archers

    Roman Families - Gain: Samnite Infantry; Lose: Roman Archers, Urban Cohort; Changes: Town Watch is now Post Marian, Cavalry Auxilia is now Post Marian. Triarii is now available at tier 3 Barracks. Also, changes from VBM mod implemented.

    Scythia - Gains: Warband, Skirmisher Warband

    Seleucids - Gain: Heavy Peltasts, Macedonian Cavalry

    Spain - No Changes

    Thrace - Gain: Levy Pikemen, Heavy Peltasts, Light Lancers, General's Bodyguard, General's Armoured Bodyguard; Lose: Thracian Bodyguard, Barbarian Chosen Warlord

    Other Features:

    -All Nomad Ancillaries & Traits added from BI
    -Warlord Trait Added from BI and given to each Barbarian/Nomadic faction
    -Spear of Wotan Ancillary added from BI and given to the Germans

    -Added Greek and Eastern Advisors & UI from BI and Alexander

    Download and Installation:


    -If you have an old HRTW version, delete it as this will not work with it.

    -One thing that I need to be clear on, is this mod runs on the Alexander.exe not the regular Rome Total War exe. Please make sure you use an Alexander Install.

    -To Install, simply extract HRTW into your Rome Total War Directory, or if you use steam, your Rome Total War Alexander Directory. when making a shortcut, use the Alexander.exe or in steam go to Launch options and include this: -show_err -mod:HRTW -noalexander


    Older Verions - 1-7
    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    -Lanjane - Thank you for for the careful precision that you put into the units and their detail
    -crazyroman - Thank you for letting me use your strat map captains mod!
    -Robbe Aerts - Thank you for all of your work with Veggiemod and allowing me to use it, as well as your advice on the phalanx bugs and fatigue, and finally slowing down the rate of fire of towers
    -uanime5 - Thank you for all of the mapping help and making this map possible!
    -Saul_Tyre - Thank you for testing and putting my mod into the youtube world!
    -EB - For the inspiration especially on Sword Masters and woad tattoos.
    -Suppanut - for explaining to me the secrets of the Grain Resource and how it's not a bug, but misunderstood and misused
    -Quinn_Inuit - for helping me with fatigue
    -BHL_20 - for testing and helping with the battle script
    -Seasoned Alcoholic - For tutorial regarding culture specific rams
    -webbird - For some elements of the new Woad Warrior model
    -Rise of Empire - Champions unit
    -comrade_general - Skin & UI for Barbarian Chosen Warlord from THS mod as well as all of the Ptolemaic Skins and Characters
    -Macedon Expansion - For Unit Inspiration and pieces of models and textures
    -Barbarians Revenge - For Unit Inspiration and pieces of models and textures
    -Extended Greek Mod - For Unit Inspiration and pieces of models and textures
    -Extended Cultures Mod - For Unit Inspiration and pieces of models and textures
    -Barbarosa82 - 3 new cities from your Vanilla Balance Mod
    -Solon de Atenas - Carnyx musician model from your RTRA mod
    -player1 - for your BugFixer mod
    -Germanicu5 - For your ReallyBadAI mod
    -z3n - Helping with activating the ReallyBadAI mod
    -Hader - For your All Factions Mod
    -Darth Vader - For your Darthmod formations and unit stats that make these battles so fun and balanced
    -Signifierone, Prometheus & Alin - For your hardwork on animations.
    - Lanjane for awesome unit detail, as well as a few ideas for internal benefit.
    - Crazyroman for testing and support
    - Robbe Aerts for willing to fix some bugs
    - RTRPE for the Harii Warrior model, and parts of Veteran Spearmen Skin
    - EB for hair and leather helmet, as well as inspiration
    - Res Gestae and RS2 for inspiration
    - Barbarians Revenge for Bear Warrior model
    - ME and Lanjane for Chosen Axemen model
    - XGM for Club model
    - comrade_general - Skin & UI for Barbarian Warlord for Britons from THS mod
    - Lanjane for unit work, ui cards and new settlements, as well as fixing some sprites
    - Kirilakristi for expert advice and analysis on Dacia
    - crazyroman for testing
    - Diadochi Total War for the Veteran Swordsmen, and Veteran Spearmen models as well as a texture
    - Barbarians Revenge Mod for Dacian Noble Cavalry, and Dacian Horse Archer base models
    - Macedon Expansion Mod for Chosen Skirmisher and Chosen Archer Warband base models
    - Rise of Empire Mod for Chosen Spearmen, Pikemen, Chosen Pikemen, Champions and Heavy Cavalry base models
    - 77 BC mod for Axemen base model
    - RS2 for base settlement models for Barbarian Culture
    - Lanjane for amazing unit cards and some model/texture edits as well as his own creations
    - BHL_20 for his awesome work on culture. He gave it his own flavor, and it fits in perfectly!
    - kirilakristi for analysis on Thracian Roster
    - Mausolos for letting me not forget about the Bastarnae
    - crazyroman for testing
    - XGM for Noble Falxmen Model & Culture idea
    - ME mod for some models & textures
    - Barbarians Revenge Mod for some models and textures
    - Rise of Empire mod for some models and textures
    - webbird for Thracian face skin
    - Everyone who's following and supporting this mod on moddb, Exilian and TWC
    - Everyone on Slack who keeps the community alive

    V8 and Beyond:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 

    crazyroman - Support, testing and fixes
    bhl_20 - Deleting a river crossing to prevent Armenian swarm on Hatra
    xeofox - Nomad Settlements, Portraits
    Barbarossa82 - Vanilla Balance Mod
    comrade_general - Textures and unit cards from THS mod
    xcmhx - Textures, models and unit cards from Rome: Total War Enhanced
    Barbarians Revenge Mod - Textures and unit cards
    Macedon Expansion - Textures and unit cards
    Guerro Sabino - Textures and unit cards
    Lanjane - Textures and unit cards
    Extended Greek Mod - Some descriptions, textures and unit cards
    All of you - For Helping, testing and playing this mod, thank you!

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