Hi all. I'm hoping to put together a new mod using the map of The Last Roman DLC. I enjoy this map the most as it has interesting diversity of environments and cultures with a fairly tight focus. Importantly for me it also enables quick AI turn times due to the lesser faction list. I enjoyed the "Ancient Rome Mod" which used TLR map in the Grand Campaign but it's unfortunately been taken down from the Steam Workshop. I can do most of the work but have no experience in ESF modding of start pos.

Main aims:

-little waiting for AI turn times
-TLR's focused map
-greater diversity of factions in game than vanilla TLR with smaller starting empires - I want to add Huns, Western Roman and Eastern Roman Empires, more African and "eastern" factions...
-brighter and better colour coordinated factions - as seen in my SGZ's Supermod for Attila.
-include some of the cooler unit reskins out there
-some other minor gameplay tweaks as per my SGZ's Supermod for Attila.

Anyone who can help with the ESF startpos modding please PM me..