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Thread: A memorable tour to Shillong (India)

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    Icon11 A memorable tour to Shillong (India)

    Shillong is an Awesome city in Meghalaya (an Indian state).
    It is a really impressive area. I visited in November because one of my friends posted there.
    He was impressed by Local culture and beauty of the city.
    I found two things noticeable.

    The first: weather its always keeps rainy and people rarely see the sun in the day.
    The 2nd: unbelievable thing is a lottery called "teer" in the local language.Maybe you won't believe but 80% economy of this city depends upon Teer lottery.
    Almost every person of this city participates in this lottery by purchasing different numbers.
    So I also bought a few numbers to play this game from a local teer counter.
    Let me tell you another interesting thing. People of this city are very dreamy.
    when they awake in the morning they buy teer lottery numbers according to their dreams
    The whole experience was really amazing for me.

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    Have you considered to open a teer store there?

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