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Thread: 1220 - Late campaign modifications

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    Hi all. I have created a 1220 submod for my personal use and although it's rough and amateur work, I thought maybe some would be interested into trying it, so I am sharing it here. The main changes are that I have replaced Sicily, Kievan Rus, the Timurids and the Teutonic Order, with The Latin Empire, Serbia, Bulgaria and The Despotate of Epirus. The Byzantine Empire is now the Empire of Nicaea. Also, some areas have been added to Asia Minor and the Balkans, starting positions are more accurate and the Roman factions now have access to pike/halberd/some plated units in the later stages of the game. Some captain textures are missing and the banners aren't the best you've ever seen, but I think it offers a more fun, chaotic game in the Balkans. I have mainly played as Nicaea and my aim was to create a challenging campaign for this faction ,so I don't know how well the rest will fare and what errors you may find. Anyway, the instructions are:

    1. Select late campaign in SS6.4 setup.
    2. Choose whatever settings you wish, but DO NOT select permanent watchtowers.
    3. Finish and close the setup but don't start a game.
    4. Unzip the attached file in SS6.4 mod subfolder and replace with the zipped files all the files in the data folder.
    5. Delete map.rwm in \mods\SS6.3\data\world\maps\base folder.
    6. Start SS6.4 and hopefully enjoy.

    Before this you should probably backup your saved games and maybe your SS6.4 folder, if you don't want to reinstall the mod in case you need to.

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    Default Re: 1220 - Late campaign modifications

    Wonderful! Some screenshots would be nice

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